TableTalkRadio — Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

I found this on the pericope email list (a list for pastors to get feedback from other pastors as they are developing their sermons).

The show will be live at Table Talk Radio or also available on Pirate Christian Radio. The discussion will be available on podcasts on Table Talk Radio shortly after the show ends.

Gleason Snashall speaking:

On Sunday 15 May 8:00-10 PM EDT (5-7 PDT), Dr. David Scaer of CTSFW will engage in a debate on the resurrection of Jesus on with the agnostic, Robert M. Price.

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Price is no dummy and he reflects many of the attitudes of the cultural elite in America (a universalist view of religion); the following URL that I found convinces me of that fact:


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Listen live starting Sunday, May 15th, at 8PM eastern, 7PM central, 6PM mountain, or 5PM pacific at Table Talk Radio or Pirate Christian Radio.

Miss the show? It will be available via podcast on Table Talk Radio shortly after the live broadcast is completed.

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He is one of those people who found a like mind in computers while in Middle School and has been programming ever since. He's responsible for many websites, including the Book of Concord,, and several other sites.

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TableTalkRadio — Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? — 57 Comments

  1. @#4 Kitty #48
    The study above is not undisputed and is not considered to be a “fact”.

    I would not suggest that the Bible’s “historic model” take second place to studies that we agree are not “facts”. 🙂

    Your Pastor no doubt preaches Christian confidence in eternal life.

    Beside that, all the erudite studies are like picking up pretty shells on the beach and thinking you hear the ocean in them. There is nothing wrong with picking up pretty shells. But there will be another beachful tomorrow.

    God’s Word will remain the same.
    (And now I need to get ready for Mass.) 🙂

  2. @Pastor Jason Harris #50

    Your “Christ of Faith” nonsense is meaningless.

    You insist that your red blood celled Christ on the cross is historical and “empirical”? Really? Where is his blood? The Eucharist? Then let’s submit its contents to the lab.
    They’ll find wine!
    Is Christ historical? Where are the historical documents? Gospels written by unknown sources 30 to 60 years after the fact?
    You may think my “Christ of faith” meaningless but nobody except for the severely indoctrinated will find your “historical” and “empirical” Christ credible.

  3. @#4 Kitty #52

    You know, the more you open your mouth, the more anti-Christian you sound. Why are you here, at BJS? What fatih do you have? In WHAT do you have faith? What kind of christ do you worship?

  4. @Jason #53

    I subscribe to the doctrines of the Lutheran Confessions. However, I am careful when I use the words “historical” and “empirical”. Do I ask too many questions Jason? Does that make you feel uncomfortable?

  5. @#4 Kitty #54
    Do I ask too many questions…

    No, Kitty, you answer too few.

    How do you “subscribe” to the doctrines of the Lutheran Confessions which start with the fact that Jesus Christ was an historical person, with better documentation of that [also outside the Bible] than most of the early Greek philosophers who are assumed without question to have lived and written?

    If you want to swallow the alphabet soup version of the origins of the Bible, be our guest, but don’t expect agreement here.

    You probably listen to “Eyewitness News” and believe it.
    Why are you scornful of documents written by eyewitnesses to Jesus’s life, death and resurrection?

    [If you learned that from your Pastor, I withdraw my optimistic statement about him.
    Either he’s elca or you are “too smart” to take instruction.] 🙁

  6. @#4 Kitty #54
    @#4 Kitty #55

    It is not your questions that concern me, it is your answers, and how you state them. Why do you subscrube to the doctrines of the Confessions, but have stated that you pretty much reject Genesis 1-11? And as for the historical/emperical definition… Do you believe Jesus existsed, as a man who walked on earth? Do you think Jesus was a man who walked on earth? Do you know if Jesus was a man who walked on earth?

    There is a lot to unpack about how your comments are coming across on this particular thread, what your beliefs are, and how they line up with historical orthodox Christianity. I could have a ton of questions lined up to explore.

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