Question from a Reader — LCFS and Illinois Law

This question came in from a reader:

You (BJS) covered this issue a while back (comment # 167 and following on this thread). Particularly there was an article in the Chicago Tribune in which both the president of LCFS and Barb Bellow assistant to Matthew Harrison were quoted as saying they didn’t think they would stop doing adoptions.

The foster and adoption situation in Illinois has not changed and June 1st is the deadline presently. There were two attempts in the legislature to change the situation in May. Both failed.

One Catholic diocese has just announced it will be forced to close. The rest will likely follow.

Officials from the Rockford Diocese said they were forced to terminate state contracts worth $7.5 million after lawmakers failed to pass an amendment exempting religious groups from provisions of the state’s new civil unions law, which will let gay and lesbian couples form civil unions, a rough equivalent to marriage. The law takes effect June 1.

Over at LutherQuest it is reported that LCFS already does same sex adoptions. Both the Tribune article and the other article talking about how LCFS currently does same sex couple adoptions are listed in the first post of the this thread.

To me I think this is an important issue. Will the LCMS decide that despite it being morally opposed to this, that they will comply with the state laws, will they force the state to close them down, or will they close voluntarily.

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