Comments requested from those who attended the Emmaus Conference

I found this on email list TableTalk from Cat41 (send an email to: [email protected] to subscribe). BJS posted information on it prior to the conference here and on the Lutheran Calendar here.

Pastor Randy VanMehren talking:

I just returned from an interesting conference in WA. The presenters were the presidents of the LCMS, WELS & ELS. First time they’ve held a Free Conference together since early the Sixties. Kieschnick invited WELS and ELS to consider resuming conversations but was summarily turned down. Guess he didn’t realize the depth of his sin in blessing Benke in his sin. The three Presidents have committed themselves to do this again next April. Harrison admitted at the lectern that MO has a lot of work to do internally, but it should take place as we also work with each other toward whatever realignment in American Lutheranism we can, by God’s grace and aid, can help shape.

Interesting and perhaps, one hopes, promising beginning. Time will tell.

I understand that the conference was recorded and that recordings will be available in “a while”. We don’t know how they will advertise or distribute it, but papers from previous Emmaus conferences are available here.

Pastor Schroeder’s paper is available here.


If anyone else attended the conference please comment giving your reactions.


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