Combined Pastors Conferences of Minnesota North and South Vote Resoundingly to Bring Chapel Sale to the District Convention, by Pr. Rossow

We thank one of our faithful BJS readers for sending us some breaking news on the University of Minnesota Chapel story. The pastors of both Minnesota North and Minnesota South had a combined conference this week in Brainerd. (Can’t you just smell the pine trees? Maybe that’s Babe the Blue Ox I am smelling.) It is not unusual for these types of conferences to have some votes on motherhood and apple pie matters but this year it was no quiet walk in the woods.

The following resolution was submitted by a group of concerned pastors, replaced with a milk toast version by the conference program committee but then called back to the floor in its original form by the assembly and passed resoundingly. It was reported that the voice vote was at least 75% in favor of the motion. That is pretty significant since there were probably 100 – 250 pastors in attendance. (Maybe someone in attendance can give us an idea of how many were there.)

It will now be interesting to see what President Seitz and the board of directors decide to do. If they stay the church growth course they have already charted they risk alienating not only their own pastoral conference but also that of Minnesota north. We will keep you posted.

by Joint Minnesota South/Minnesota North District Pastors Conference

Maddens Resort, Brainerd, MN

May 11, 2011

Whereas, Minnesota South and Minnesota North District pastors believe that care for the souls of students and strong campus ministries play a vital role in the mission of the Church; and

Whereas, a proposal is being planned for presentation to the Minnesota South District Board of Directors on May 17, 2011 to sell Minnesota South District campus properties and restructure Minnesota South District campus ministries; and

Whereas, this proposal would greatly affect the congregations of both the Minnesota South and Minnesota North Districts and the Synod at large; therefore

Be it resolved, that the joint Minnesota South/Minnesota North District Pastors Conference urge the Minnesota South District Board of Directors to refer this entire matter to the Minnesota South District Convention.


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