The new website is live

The new LCMS.ORG is now live:

BJS reader “Carl Vehse” wrote this:

So where did everything go?!?
Like the triennial convention proceedings and workbooks, copies of the minutes from the BOD and CCM, old CTCR documents, old and new Handbooks?

As you explore the site, you might comment here on how to find things such as the above, or anything else that you can’t find .. perhaps others will be helped by your exploring the site.

About Norm Fisher

Norm was raised in the UCC in Connecticut, and like many fell away from the church after high school. With this background he saw it primarily as a service organization. On the miracle of his first child he came back to the church. On moving to Texas a few years later he found a home in Lutheranism when he was invited to a confessional church a half-hour away by our new neighbors.

He is one of those people who found a like mind in computers while in Middle School and has been programming ever since. He's responsible for many websites, including the Book of Concord,, and several other sites.

He has served the church in various positions, including financial secretary, sunday school teacher, elder, PTF board member, and choir member.

More of his work can be found at


The new website is live — 31 Comments

  1. Ablaze! still has a page, but I don’t see the counter anymore!

    Interesting that typing in “” takes you to the WMLT emphasis page, rather than the “main” page.

  2. Interestingly, “site map” is currently unclickable, at least while using Google Chrome and Firefox.

    **20 minutes later: this has been fixed**

    I’m not sure what you mean, Jim .. and take me to the same place.

  3. There’s a “quick links” option that helps a bit — for example, the BOD minutes and handbook are available under the “Board of Directors” quick link. The “Koinonia” documentation took a few minutes to find. It’s under the “Emphasis for the Church” quick link.

  4. So where did everything go?!? Like the triennial convention proceedings and workbooks, copies of the minutes from the BOD and CCM, old CTCR documents, old and new Handbooks?

    Try the Classic LCMS Website (don’t know how long it will be available).

  5. I have tried to log onto my LCMS account with no luck. I have sent emails which have not been answered. New may be pretty but it is not better!! They should have worked out all the bugs before putting it up!! [this from a recognized not computer geek]

  6. I contacted Diane Grimm at the LCMS Church Information Center. The Convention Proceedings and Workbooks haven’t been moved to the new website…yet. Diane is checking with the Executive Offices on their availability. I’ll post any updates I receive here.

  7. A good number of the CTCR reports can stay lost without any tears being shed.

  8. Bad CTCR reports need to be recanted. They can start with TWAC and work their way back. 😉

  9. Rev. Roger D. Sterle :@mbw #10 what is .aspx???

    Dear Pastor Sterle,
    What an irrelevant thing I said. The LCMS site was written using some really old Microsoft stuff (.ASP files). I’m glad to see it upgraded to “ASP.NET” which is better stuff to program with (though itself hardly new) and to keep running. There was a serious risk of extinction if they didn’t do this.
    Since it’s Microsoft stuff I mentioned, I should have been able to figure out a way to irritate Mac users, but I didn’t, which obviously proves once again their superiority and my inferiority.

  10. @Rev. Roger D. Sterle #8

    A couple years ago the Wisconsin Synod updated there website. During the transition, which was 6 – 8 month, you could reach and explore the new WELS site with, while the classic old site ran in parallel. The webbies worked out the kinks in those month, then switched the domain name and bingo, the new site was operational. The remaining content was moved over slowly or links to the old site were given from the new site to get to needed materials.

    Just different ways of handling transition I guess. I like the new LCMS site thus far though. I think the goal would be better navigation of materials, while improving the aesthetics of the site.

  11. Under Resources there is a box on the right hand side that says document library. Click on it and you will be able to search for documents. I typed in CTCR and got them.

  12. Gotta love the first tab on the upper left, “About Us.” What is the first link on that tab? The Lutheran Confessions – right on!

  13. The only thing that bugs me about the website redesign is that if I try to look something up on through Google (via the search parameter), most, if not all the search result links are broken. Hopefully Google will reindex the redesigned site sooner than later.

  14. @Jesse #28

    Jesse — to link through to the correct place, once you get the “not found” page, change “www” to “classic”; you’ll be taken to the right page.

    Hopefully over the next few days google will do a rescan of the site and update their links.

    The only issue I have is that all the links from other websites (e.g. BJS) are now broken.

  15. Since I’m no longer LCMS, this shouldn’t concern me, but why are the financial stats of the individual parishes published? Is this to imply that the parishes that don’t have high “per giving unit offerings” aren’t getting with the program or perhaps aren’t “growthy?” If I were church shopping or looking for an out of town parish, the financial stats would not be nearly as important as being liturgical and confessional. I guess this is the place to go:

  16. Not impressed–the drop down menus and pop-ups are a pain for those of us who have to use older, slower computers.

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