St. Louis Seminary’s “Out of the Box” workshop

Did anyone get a chance to attend the “Out of the Box” workshop held at Concordia Seminary a week ago in St. Louis? You can check out the flyer (click on the image to the right for a PDF) but it was led by two speakers who are ‘highly experienced in contextualizing God’s Word to a specific people and place.” One presenter is an LCMS pastor, I believe, of a church called “Lake Pointe Church.” Another presenter is the co-founder of something called I’m pretty sure he’s not LCMS.

Anyway, the seminary hosted the workshop to teach seminarians how to “learn the importance of contextual ministry and how to do it effectively!” How to “think outside the box of a single, cookie-cutter ministry model” and to “discover how to meet your hearers where they are, and get out of the box!”

It was held in the “President’s Room” of Concordia Seminary.

Did anyone go to this? I’m hoping that it’s just the flyer that seems to be avoiding confessional Lutheranism in favor of the outdated church growth movement. Maybe folks at the seminaries think that what the pastors-to-be need is more knowledge of how to ape American evangelicalism. Maybe the seminar was actually critical of throwing off our Lutheran identity in favor of generic American Protestantism. I have no idea. Anyone have any more information?

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