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One of BJS’s goals is supporting New Media and its use in church or associated organizations. Time Out has produced their first Hymn Video, and here’s a description found on Necessary Roughness describing how it was done written by Dan Engle.

This is a bit different than what most people would do, as he’s using vocalists from three separate locations plus the organ track at a fourth location, and combining them using audio editors.

It has been a month in the planning and making, but Time Out’s first Hymn Video has been released, coinciding with Episode 115 of the podcast. We took LSB 460, “Christians, to the Paschal Victim,” and shot a music video for it:

[youtube EMMpw7g6yxU 600]

All video footage is original. The stained glass windows were taken with a Sony Cybershot in low-light mode with a tripod, and everything else was filmed with a Canon consumer-level video camera. I’m grateful to the in-laws for the use of the tripod and video camera.

Video was edited with the trial version of CyberLink’s PowerDirector software.

Between the cloud shots, the three shooting sessions at Zion, the Easter services, and the cemetery scenes, we probably racked up about 15 hours of shooting. I’ve probably spent 15-20 hours planning, learning the software, and editing.

The audio was recorded in four locations: Cantor Nathan Beethe at Grace Lutheran Church in Little Rock, AR; Anna Baseley at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Dearborn, MI; Mark Fergus at Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Columbus, OH, and my audio was recorded at the house. The audio was assembled with Audacity, the same way we do our podcasts.

I hope you enjoy the hymn’s confession of the original Easter event and its ramifications for us, the performances of everyone involved, the additional interpretation given by the video, and the beauty of the locations.

Comments are appreciated. Please feel free to share the link with everyone. If you are able, consider a donation to the podcast. I’d like to take that Trial Version screen off the front of the video, and the software locks up in five days. We also secured a sync license from CPH in order to use the text and setting in LSB.

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