Great Stuff Found on the Web — Homosexual Advocacy Group Claims “Progress” in Advancing Their Cause in The LCMS

Thanks to frequent BJS commentator Joe for finding this on Cyberbrethren and posting it here:



An ELCA pastor-friend of mine was kind enough to alert me to a fund raising letter that the gay-rights group, “Lutherans Concerned,” recently sent out, in which they claim they are working with certain “LCMS leaders” and making “some good progress” with “friends” in “LCMS leadership.” Lutherans Concerned is the lobbying group that, in close cooperation with ELCA leadeship, worked very hard to get the ELCA to embrace homosexuality as an acceptable “lifestyle.”

The letter makes a disturbing claim:

“Additionally, we are making some good, albeit very slow, progress with a few friends in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod leadership, however details must remain confidential to protect them and our continued progress.”

The question is: Is this actually true? This organization is well known for making all kinds of false assertions and doing whatever they need to do to advance the cause of homosexuality; however, it is also necessary to state that liberal organizations in The LCMS, like the DayStar organization, have in fact published materials that reflect this point of view. It is very small, and consists mostly of older retired, Seminex-era pastors and a few retired professors, but … one can never be too careful with these things and so we can be grateful to Lutherans Concerned for “coming out” on this issue. I would not know which “LCMS leaders” they are referencing, since, to my knowledge there is not a single LCMS “leader” who would support the Lutherans Concerned agenda. But they are making this claim.

The ELCA pastor who sent this to me said to me:

“You are only too aware of the devastating effect Lutherans Concerned has had in the ELCA, I wanted to let a few trusted folks in the LCMS know about this. I have no other info than this, but seeing as it comes from Emily Eastwood, it is pretty official. While I believe Missouri has strengths and resources lacking in the ELCA, still these are treacherous times. Share this with whoever you wish; if you want a copy of the entire letter just let me know and I will send one to you.”


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