Great Stuff Found on the Web — Homosexual Advocacy Group Claims “Progress” in Advancing Their Cause in The LCMS

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An ELCA pastor-friend of mine was kind enough to alert me to a fund raising letter that the gay-rights group, “Lutherans Concerned,” recently sent out, in which they claim they are working with certain “LCMS leaders” and making “some good progress” with “friends” in “LCMS leadership.” Lutherans Concerned is the lobbying group that, in close cooperation with ELCA leadeship, worked very hard to get the ELCA to embrace homosexuality as an acceptable “lifestyle.”

The letter makes a disturbing claim:

“Additionally, we are making some good, albeit very slow, progress with a few friends in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod leadership, however details must remain confidential to protect them and our continued progress.”

The question is: Is this actually true? This organization is well known for making all kinds of false assertions and doing whatever they need to do to advance the cause of homosexuality; however, it is also necessary to state that liberal organizations in The LCMS, like the DayStar organization, have in fact published materials that reflect this point of view. It is very small, and consists mostly of older retired, Seminex-era pastors and a few retired professors, but … one can never be too careful with these things and so we can be grateful to Lutherans Concerned for “coming out” on this issue. I would not know which “LCMS leaders” they are referencing, since, to my knowledge there is not a single LCMS “leader” who would support the Lutherans Concerned agenda. But they are making this claim.

The ELCA pastor who sent this to me said to me:

“You are only too aware of the devastating effect Lutherans Concerned has had in the ELCA, I wanted to let a few trusted folks in the LCMS know about this. I have no other info than this, but seeing as it comes from Emily Eastwood, it is pretty official. While I believe Missouri has strengths and resources lacking in the ELCA, still these are treacherous times. Share this with whoever you wish; if you want a copy of the entire letter just let me know and I will send one to you.”


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He is one of those people who found a like mind in computers while in Middle School and has been programming ever since. He's responsible for many websites, including the Book of Concord,, and several other sites.

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Great Stuff Found on the Web — Homosexual Advocacy Group Claims “Progress” in Advancing Their Cause in The LCMS — 28 Comments

  1. How can any of us read this (especially on the heels of events like STOP/Concordia) and not be “Lutherans Concerned.”

  2. One wonders if Dr. Johnson is one of those “LCMS leaders” they are referencing.

  3. Before we get into too much speculation, let’s all remember the eighth Commandment. We mustn’t let anyone sow seeds of suspicion among us. I would hope that if someone thought that homosexuality was right then they could join ELCA. Why would they want to stay in the LC-MS?

  4. Joe,
    “Because they want to change the LC-MS?”

    Yes, you’re probably right. However it seems a bit perverse. It would be like you or I joining the Southern Baptists (with our fingers crossed) seeking to become influential (presumably, this would take near daily deceit to maintain the charade) then, trying to persuade them to become sacramental. It’s a bit patronizing from a group of people who seek to avoid patriarchy.

  5. Why would they want to stay in the LC-MS?

    Concordia Health Plans & Retirement. Count on it.


  6. What about “The devil made them do it?” Doesn’t he want to get as much influence in every Christian church body that he can?

  7. hus@Pastor Phil Spomer #3
    Pastor, if Dr Johnson did not admonish these presenters as to the biblical nature of their sin, their being in an LCMS school and Church and therefore obligated by his ordination vows to do so, and if the veracity of Pastor Niehus’ testimony concerning the fact that Dr Johnson did not call sodomy a sin, yeah and a heinous one at that, then we here on this blog are not in violation of the 8th commandment.

    Dr Johnson and all in authority at the school level and at District and Synod levels in their capacity as teachers and preachers in our church must do what their office demands in seeking to call to repentance those who allowed this to take place in the first instance and gave the impression that, as the Gnostics teach, their is no consequence to the soul concerning what the body does.

    Not to defend the faith openly, concerning open sin, is to deny the faith, once for all given to the church. Jude 2. It is and is called Apostasy.

  8. Change is simple.

    If a liberal frontal assault on traditional LCMS Lutheran doctrine fails, strive to enter the back door via the Church Growth Movement. Why struggle to change Lutheran doctrine when it could be much, much easier to teach LCMS theologians to ignore it.

    The Emergent Church defined:

    ***Repackaged liberal theology. Or Christianity with all the offensive stuff taken out.***

    Making some good, albeit very slow, progress, indeed!

  9. What does church growth have to do with the gay rights agenda? Liturgical mainline churches have adopted gay rights more than baptist/pentacostal churches have. Not every issue can be tied to worship wars.

  10. Todd Wilken :

    Why would they want to stay in the LC-MS?

    Concordia Health Plans & Retirement. Count on it.

    Todd – I can understand the health plan part. Are you suggesting that LCMS pastors whose congregations have been contributing to the Concordia retirement system on their behalf, as part of their compensation, are not vested in the retirement system? Would those pastors loose their retirement if they left?

  11. Pastor Spomer,
    You asked, “why would they want to stay in the LCMS?” That is a logical quesion if you are confessional but we are dealing with liberals, CoWo, CG’s, etc. If you recall back in the 1970’s Martin Marty crowed about how many liberals who were sympathetic to Seminex would flee the LCMS. Even he was surprised by how few did. As Todd Wilkens pointed out many liberals stayed in the LCMS because of the health and retirment plan. The same is true today. Then add to the fact that instead of being logical and leaving, they become the termintes in the LCMS and work away at it from within to gain acceptance of homosexuality in the LCMS.

  12. @Todd Wilken #6
    My former ELCA pastor won’t leave that church body for those exact same reasons. He knows many more who think the same way. That’s why I totally agree with your comment about our LCMS.

  13. It is not surprising that homosexual and feminist advocacy faculty groups have made or sponsored presentations at Concordia universities since President Harison took office, and that the LCNA is working to make inroads into influencing LCMS leadership and congregations. These advocacy groups can read the following excerpts from The Koinonia Project and see the key phrases which could give them “wiggle room”:

    A Collaborative Effort (p.5):

    Collaboration is a basic value for the Koinonia Project – this is not just a “passing fad” in the President’s Office, but a process in which many more are brought on board, beginning with the design phase. The project must work by attraction, not coercion.

    Personal and Individual (pp. 5-6):

    The Koinonia Project will need to incorporate these recommendations [from the Harmony Task Force in Nov. 2010] from its inception. For instance, each study group will have to agree at the beginning of their work how the members of the group will deal with one another. In essence, they will agree on some form of a “Code of Conduct.”

    The Koinonia Project is broad based, in the sense that the approach must be replicated broadly across the Synod, and also broadly reported in the sense that, while discussion groups need to have freedom to dialog within themselves without fear, these are not secret negotiations, but at appropriate times the Synod at large needs to hear and support the results of the dialogs, as well as provide input. All-encompassing – every member of the Synod (i.e. every ordained or commissioned minister, every congregation) is eventually invited to participate in the effort. [Emphasis added]

  14. boaz :
    What does church growth have to do with the gay rights agenda? Liturgical mainline churches have adopted gay rights more than baptist/pentacostal churches have. Not every issue can be tied to worship wars.

    Only the LCMS matters to me.
    The non-Lutheran materials introduced into many LCMS Church Growth congregations are not exclusively from baptist/pentacostal sources. Rob Bell is the most obvious example of heterodoxy being snuck through the back door of the LCMS church in the name of “reform.” And we know there are many others……

  15. @James #15

    …like the ELCA Luther stuff for Confirmation. Anything new they willl print will be very liberal, overly inclusive, gender-nuetering, etc. Doubtful they would be confessional, since they opt a lot for social justice. It will only be a matter of time before pictures included in children’s materials will show women in collars, same sex couple holding hands suggestively and raising families…

  16. @Pastor Phil Spomer #3
    @Pastor Phil Spomer #5

    Dear Pastor Spomer,

    Thanks for your comments. We should always heed the Eighth Commandment and its intent. I have often defended people against accusations, or implied accusations, on this blog. So I agree that we always need to be careful about what we say.

    I also agree that we should not “see a devil under every bush.” If we become paranoid, the devil has accomplished his purposes. We should have no fear of the devil, evil people, or perverse people. Saint John writes a word of great comfort, “You dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the One who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world” (1 John 4:4).

    But, then, neither should we be naive. Jesus said, “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves” (Matthew 10:16).

    You are right that if someone infiltrated another church-body with the intent of subverting its doctrine that would be perverse. But that is exactly what is happening in mainline Protestant churches today. I can testify from personal experience. I was there.

    As I have mentioned on this blog previously, I was a resident graduate student at Union Theological Seminary, New York for four years. I went there only with the intent of securing a doctoral degree in church history. After I got there, I realized that it had become the home base for “gay Christianity” in the US. At the time (late 1980s), the Episcopal Church and the United Church of Christ accepted gay ministers. So you would think that the students that were gay would join those churches.

    But, no, they saw their “life’s mission” as the “conquest” of all the mainline churches, including Roman Catholicism, Southern Baptists, and Mormons. The students who attended Union, from many different denominations, were going to go out and “convert” their churches to be pro-gay. During the commencement speeches in May 1996, this goal of Union Theological Seminary and its students was made very clear. By the way, Mark Hanson (current ELCA President), is a doctoral graduate of Union Seminary-New York.

    I too thought that this was “perverse.” Then I realized their thinking. The Christian churches in the United States are the moral bulwark of our society. The Christian churches are the ones that uphold moral statements against homosexuality, including Biblical statements. This makes homosexuals feel intimidated and oppressed. Therefore, in order for them to live in a society where they are not oppressed, they feel a need to change as many of those churches as possible. When they have a large enough population of churches that are pro-gay, then they will marginalize the rest. That, at least, is their plan.

    So there really ARE people out there, including those of Lutheran background, who intend to infiltrate church administrations, church seminaries, church colleges, etc., in order to change their positions on this matter. Some are themselves homosexuals; others are just politically “moral libertarians,” “Epicureans,” and/or “antinomians.” If you read the journal of Union (USQR) and attend their public lectures, this will become evident.

    Union students said that a few other schools were united with them in this “mission.” I believe that Harvard Divinity School, Boston College, and one other place on the East Coast was in on this. They chided Yale Divinity School and Princeton Theological Seminary, and some other “liberal” schools, for being “reactionary” on this matter, i.e., for not accepting the gay agenda. So not all schools that are “liberal” in their view of Scripture accept the gay agenda. That was in the late 1980s. I don’t know where matters stand today.

    You need to read Carl Braaten’s new autobiography, “Because of Christ,” published by Eerdmanns. Although Dr. Braaten is not an orthodox Lutheran, he has taken a firm stand against the gay movement in the ELCA. These things are happening around us. Whether they are happening in our own church body is another question. It is hard to tell.

    Thanks for your helpful comments.

    Yours in Christ, Martin R. Noland

  17. @Martin R. Noland #17 There are those in the objectivists camp who do not accept homosexual behavior as moral. They derive their moral stands based on historical evidence that such behavior is destructive and it is counter to the structure of human anatomy. Sometimes even the pagans are shrewder than we. We can love them and deride their behavior at the same time.
    I have and do know several homosexuals from my theater work and I can tell you I can be friends with them, care about them, while they know that I, their crazy Christian friend, rejects their attempts to rationalize their behavior. We do not need outside political activists in our midst whose only purpose for being is to demand acceptance of their behavior. You can deeply love a wayward child while still rejecting his/her wayward lifestyle. It is not so strange a thing to do.

  18. @Pastor Phil Spomer #3
    Sadly the answer to this is their fascist obsession with power, a megalomania (like deranged Kinsey, see, something entirely alien to dear Pastor Phil, though as with Father Brown, something with which good pastoral care will ensure one’s painful familiarity. Still, the fact is that human sexuality is far more fluid than these fascist liars can admit as they serve the father of lies like their Nazi forbears (, terrorizing any who get in their way, like “ex-qays” ( and that there’s no such thing as the linguistic and moral error “homosex-” (or “gay”) as exposed by “The gay invention” at
    So long as people continue to be enslaved to the “homosex-” propaganda they will only give the father of lies aid and comfort and show their tragic rejection of the sufficiency of Scripture, especially arsenokoitai in 1 Corinthians 6:9 & 1 Timothy 1:!0 that shows God’s profound condemnation from which we turn at our peril, sadly eternal peril for some.
    Soli Deo Gloria!
    Russ Davis

  19. Some of you contributing on this blog may already be aware of the discussion going on on a blog posted a little earlier. Kari Anderson of the CLCC posted a paper called the Loss of the Law. Although she did not mention the lack of condemnation of active homosexual practice, it was implied and had become the major point of discussion. The point of the man challenging Kari is that as Lutherans, we can’t condemn anyone because we could not be consistent in condemning all sins. I called it a logical fallacy and titled it “if not all, than none.” I am wondering if this might be the way the liberals, primarily those trained by the seminex faculty and still dedicated to “improving” our church, will make their inroads. I’m not sure of the name of the fallacy or if there is even one by the name I have given, but if I have hit something, I would appreciate some backup. Her paper was first posted on April 1.

  20. @Jason #16

    Now that the endorsement of homosexuality is official, the ELCA will grow bolder in its affirmations, to be sure. (By the way, LCMC and NALC are ELCA minus endorsement of homosexuality. This makes these splinter groups even more dangerous, since they offer a false hope to the dissident ELCA’ers seeking an alternative Lutheran home.)

    The ELCA uses Historical Criticism/Higher Criticism in order to alter 2000+ years of church doctrine. Since the LCMS holds fast to Biblical Inerrancy, LCMS doctrine cannot be changed. But Lutheran theologians can be enticed to ignore traditional doctrine in favor of Emergent (Law, Law, Law minus Gospel) authors and theologians.

  21. A (humbled and most thankful) refugee from the United Methodist Church, I saw a gay chapel at Wesley Theological Seminary (Washington D.C.) (1975-77). [The only thing perhaps dating from the time of Jesus—they then claimed—was the kiss of peace…which they really embraced.] I was shunned for speaking against homosexuality. When the Washington Post published a report about the growing Gay movement the prominent gays were expelled due to donors’ complaints. Look at the UMC now. The general pattern is: schools, leaders/pastors, and then the denomination. (‘Issues’ has recently had a program about such a process.) Gays ever push toleration, acceptance and then promotion. If this process is beginning in the LCMS, my life experience tells me this is a most serious threat; an abomination standing where it ought not to be. It is a different and difficult thing to have your own church’s leaders winking at and approving of homosexuality. My experience: They can sound so pious and be so vicious. I don’t like to even think about those days…now sadly I MUST pray daily that such false teaching does not invade my LCMS.

  22. Thank you J. R. for joining our ranks and making us stronger. You can know that it will be over my dead body and countless others, that this will happen in the LCMS. We will remain vigilant and seek to cut this off at the pass.


  23. P. S. – Comments like that last one lose a little ethos when viewed next to that silly picture.

    You will be pleased to know that even though “Happy Bob” has no soul (I remind him of that from time to time), and even though he is a runt (just 7 pnds.), he is a fighter. He shys away from nothing – cats twice his size, dogs ten times his size, even the wild turkeys that wandered through our yard a few years ago. 🙂


  24. The Issues program was April 5th: “The Presbyterian Church USA and Homosexuality”.

  25. @J. R. Wheeler #23

    > Gays ever push toleration, acceptance and then promotion.

    Another participant here pointed out a few months ago that all of these patterns are basically parasitic behavior because they destroy the host, if successful.

    These people will be surprised when their favorites, the Muslims, take over.

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