Creation Seminar in Northern California

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Creation and Christian Life


Pat Roy, Speaker

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
9:00 Matins,   9:30-3:00 Presentations
Laymen and pastors invited

Sponsored by the Holy Cross Conference, a Confessional study group of pastors in Northern California.


Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church
1355 Hawthorne Ave
Chico, CA, (530) 342-6085

Why Does it Matter? – The case for the importance of the creation message, the evil fruits of evolution, and how they’ve crept into our culture and church.

The Age of the Earth – A Biblical and Scientific Case for the young earth. Why the Scriptures demand a young earth — and the implications of accepting millions of years and a scientific look at the age of the earth.

The Worldwide Flood – The historic case for the origin of old-earth ideas, and how that has driven many Christians to a local flood.  The evidence for the flood — including dinosaur graveyards.

The Human Genome – An in-depth look at the human genome, and how it defies evolution.  . How it is contrary to what we actually know about the genome.

Creation Evangelism – This presentation is a great “book-end” to “Why Does it Matter?”. We start by hearing why creation is important. Knowing all the scientific facts is great, but using it to change lives is the real goal.

Dinosaurs and the Bible, The Days of Creation, The Wonder of it All

Pat Roy is a speaker with a message about creation and the Christian life.  A committed creationist, Pat worked for the Institute for Creation Research for over 12 years.  Pat’s clear translation of the proofs of creation has thrilled people of all ages for many years.

Pat and his family live in Paradise, CA.

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