Can you feel the “open communication”?

In one of the many documents the Minnesota South District has posted, it claims to act in “the interest of open communication and transparency.” But when I emailed Dr. Peter Meier, Minnesota South’s mission exec, I received (20 hours later) a form letter response telling me “Please be assured that I have read and will share your concerns.”

Of course, I didn’t mention any concerns whatsoever in my email so that statement makes no sense. And then the form letter literally says:

“Please do not reply to this message as individual inquiries will not be addressed.”

So this would be what we call a press management #FAIL but it does tell us one thing. If we’ve gotten to the point where Meier is having to send out a form letter, people must be SERIOUSLY displeased with this action and letting Meier and other execs know.

Now, having been instructed not to reply to that PARTICULAR email, I will keep trying via new emails. Please let me know what questions you have for Dr. Meier. I’ll let you know when he responds to my request.

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