Great Stuff Found on the Web — President Harrison Visits CHI Museum

President Harrison recently paid a visit to the Concordia Historical Institute Museum that is in the lower level of the LCMS International Center, with video camera in tow. The video is posted at the LCMS Executive Office’s blog “Witness, Mercy, Life Together” here.

From the Executive Office’s blog:

President Harrison would like to extend you an invitation to visit the Concordia Historical Institute Museum at the LCMS International Center in Saint Louis, MO. In this brief video, President Harrison provides a walk through tour with comment of the CHI Museum.

For the technically minded, the entire video was shot on an iPhone 4 and edited in iMovie on the iPhone. Granted it isn’t professional quality but is adequate for a quick, cheap (free) video of CHI.


President Harrison obviously knows his LCMS history and would be a great tour guide!

In the video, he suggests that Lutherans visiting Saint Louis take time to also visit the Concordia Seminary, the CHI Archive and Gallery (on the seminary campus), the International Center (with the CHI Museum), and Perry County to the south of the city (about 1.5 to 2 hour drive). In Perry County, you would want to specifically visit the Lutheran Heritage Center and Museum (with its historic log cabin), the Saxon Lutheran Memorial, and the Hill of Peace Lutheran Church.

For more information on Perry County sites, view this website.

If you aren’t following the “Witness, Mercy, Life Together” blog, please do! It has a lot of valuable information on it.

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