Great Stuff Found on the Web — Kari Anderson reports on the ACELC Conference

This was found on the MNN Faithful list from Kari Anderson:

I was blessed with having the opportunity to attend the ACELC Conference this week. It was held at Trinity Lutheran in Kearney, MO. The speakers were excellent, and it was fun to meet people from all around the country that also care about dealing with the issues that are facing/challenging in the LCMS today.

There was a man from the Upper Peninsula of MI that had taken a 29 hour bus ride to get there. I also met a man from Missoula, MT, as well as people from UT, TX, many others from NE and MO, and other states. Several came from the west coast, and Rev Fisk was representing the east coast. He spoke on “Philadelphia Lutheran Ministries” at the banquet on Wed evening. We are on the verge of losing confessional Lutheranism in the 5th largest city in the country. Did you know that the Philadelphia area is where Lutheranism began in America? Check out the video and share it with your friends. They need us to help in this project. They also want people to bring groups out to do hands on work in Philadelphia. Serving our neighbor in love.

All the presentations/papers will be available to watch. Please try to watch/listen to them and print out to share with others. I’ll try remember to share the link when they are available. It will be nice if churches (pastors/elders/people) will go over them, and discuss them, because that is a way we can start to reach some agreements. Many people are unaware of the issues/problems that are dividing us today.



As part of Pastor Fisk’s presentation, he mentioned this video for people to watch to learn more about the Philadelphia Lutheran Ministries:



BJS Encourages you and your congregation to get involved with Philadelphia Lutheran Ministries .. Contact Pastor Fisk today to find out how you can help. Read more about the project on the Philadelphia Lutheran Ministries website.

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