Dr. Seuss birthday observations…

I am not witty enough to write in his style (but it shouldn’t stop anyone from trying in the comments), but today (Mar 2) is his 107th birthday.  In researching the man who wrote many of my kids favorite books, I discovered that Dr. Seuss was a Lutheran, and according to this comment by Dr. Gene Veith, Seuss was a lifelong member of a congregation of the LCMS.

What was interesting is some of the things people have been doing over the past years to “honor” Dr. Seuss.  I came across two ELCA congregations who did sermons in Dr. Seuss’ style.  See here.  Probably the most disturbing for me was this Episcopal rendition that was reported in the First Things article above.  It linked to a “Seusscharist” which can be found here (PDF file).  Just when things couldn’t get worse, here is a video of a Dr. Seuss Sunday at Transfiguration Lutheran (ELCA) in Rochester, New York.

These things hardly honor the memory of a lifelong Lutheran who contributed much to kids literature (and is rightly celebrated in our Lutheran schools).

What sort of theology is evidenced by such innovations?  Certainly it is humorous to see such things, but then it sinks in that this was some people’s Divine Service that week.  Certainly we can see how liberal doctrine has affected practice (but also the other way around).  It is certainly encouragement for us in the LCMS to start having discussions (with the goal of coming to the true doctrine and responsible practices which flow from it) about our theology and the practices, and how various practices have affected our theology.

For some more information on Dr. Seuss, check out his wikipedia entry here.  I am sure many Lutheran schools indeed have celebrated Dr. Seuss in great ways, but from what I can tell the churches failed to do so.





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  1. He may have been a life-long member of an LCMS congregation, but unfortunately his Wikipedia article portrays him as a pro-abortion Planned Parenthood supporter.

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