Great Stuff Found on the Web — Dedication of New Chapel for LCMS Historic Black College

Dr. Tilahun Mendedo is the new president at Concordia College, Selma, Alabama. He recently dedicated a new campus chapel. Participating in the service was LCMS President Matthew Harrison. Dr. Larry Rast, Academic Dean at CTS Fort Wayne was there, and has put a video clip of parts of the dedication service on his blog here:

Dr. Larry Rast Blog on Concordia-Selma

Harrison has a long history of cooperative work in the African-American community, dating back to his years as pastor at Zion Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne, an “inner city” congregation that became involved in projects for neighborhood housing. African-Americans have been an important part of the LCMS and its work since 1891, when the “Alpha Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Freedmen in America” invited the Synodical Conference into North Carolina for mission work and cooperative ministry. We continue to pray for the Lord’s blessings on this vital and historic ministry!

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Norm was raised in the UCC in Connecticut, and like many fell away from the church after high school. With this background he saw it primarily as a service organization. On the miracle of his first child he came back to the church. On moving to Texas a few years later he found a home in Lutheranism when he was invited to a confessional church a half-hour away by our new neighbors.

He is one of those people who found a like mind in computers while in Middle School and has been programming ever since. He's responsible for many websites, including the Book of Concord,, and several other sites.

He has served the church in various positions, including financial secretary, sunday school teacher, elder, PTF board member, and choir member.

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Great Stuff Found on the Web — Dedication of New Chapel for LCMS Historic Black College — 2 Comments

  1. Pastor Wiggins was recently installed at Selma, prior to that he was a pastor in Jackson Mississippi. Our circuit lost a good man when he accepted the call.

  2. Does anybody have a good local contact at Selma I could talk to about hosting a seminar there? We have an inquiry from a student wanting to have CLCC come in and do an Evangelism, Outreach and Affirmation seminar, but I have been unable to find someone to arrange for a host site for this event.

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