Wenthe to retire

I’m hearing that Dean Wenthe, president of Concordia Theological Seminary, has told faculty that he is retiring. Further announcements are forthcoming.

Things are going to get going pretty quickly. A search committee has been formed by the faculty.

I’m not entirely sure on the process, so please weigh in with clarifications and corrections, but presumably the call for nominations will be in the next Reporter. That has to be held open for 60 days and I think nominations must come from congregations. And then there is a crazy process of voting involving the search committee, the CTSFW’s Board of Regents, the Synodical President’s office, etc. So perhaps we’ll know more by May?

This is a very important position that requires someone to have a particularly unique balance of skills — theologically sound and a solid administrator as well as effective with donors and other communities. We’ve been blessed with good seminary presidents and I pray that we continue that tradition.

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