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Fathers are now the down trodden of society. In many commercials and TV shows the father is the bumbling irresponsible fool. Watch an episode of Family Guy or even Everybody Loves Raymond. I am clearly told by society that my role of father is totally unnecessary. Society does not value fathers and honestly many fathers do not value their role as father and treat their children as afterthoughts.

This has become the case even in church. It seems that a major factor of children not attending church into adulthood is that many fathers do not attend church with their families. Check out this article from Cranach: The Blog of Veith. It really illustrates this problem well. Even if the study involved is not an American study, many fathers in these post-modern times are neglecting their duties.

Andrew, at When I say Run, Run!


A few quotes from the Cranach article:

This has been out for awhile, but I just came across it in the course of some research. Basically, if fathers go to church, their children will when they grow up. If fathers don’t, even if the mothers do, the children won’t.

Yes, this is a study of Switzerland, which has many cultural differences from the United States. In Europe, women have been taking the lead in church-going, and this may explain the relatively sudden secularization of that once-Christian continent. The study is from 1994. Still, the results are fascinating.

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