It’s not too late for Christmas gifts of… Lutheran Publishing by Rev. Joshua V. Scheer

Concordia Publishing House (CPH) has been publishing awesome Lutheran resources for a long time.  They are by far one of the best Lutheran publishers out there.  Northwestern Publishing House (NPH) has done a great job as well.  But as with beer, sometimes real gems can also be found in the smaller companies (hence the micro-brew).  Here is an annotated partial list that I hope others can add to:

Also – if you know of a good work by the given publisher and want to recommend it, please feel free to do so in the comment section.

Lutheran Legacy – publishers of some excellent works, including “At Home in the House of My Fathers”

Lutheran Press – publishers of some great contemporary translations of Luther (excellent for congregational use), as well as a critique of the Theses on Worship of the COP.

Mark V Publications – publishes a number of resources, especially translations of Walther.  Check out the first year of Der Lutheraner (German newspaper started by Walther and Trinity in St. Louis)!

Repristination Press – publishes a number of wonderful works by our Lutheran fathers.  Some volumes are published under the name “Center for the Study of Lutheran Orthodoxy”

Concordia Catechetical Academy – publishes wonderful material for Catechesis.

Church & Ministry Publishers – publishes a number of works, many of which authored by contributors to BJS.  Includes Blue Pomegranate Press, which publishes fictional works.

Lutheran News, Inc. – some great works, including selections of Walther’s “Pastoral Theology”.

Lutheran Synod Book Company – publishes a number of works for the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS)

Concordia Theological Seminary Press – Those familiar printshop books, often impossible to find in other places – one place where I find one of my favorite theologians, George Stoeckhardt.  The Fort Wayne Bookstore can facilitate orders for these things.

Luther Academy – publishes a variety of works on topics in Lutheranism including the journal LOGIA and also the Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics Series. to purchase:

Emmanuel Press – publishes some great books including The Brotherhood Prayer Book and classic “Explanation of the Common Service”

Anchor Publications – a great source for older Lutheran materials.  Affiliated with the LCR (Lutheran Churches of the Reformation)

Our Savior Lutheran Church of Houston, Texas – a great place to find some good works by Dr. Laurence White (some for free)

New Reformation Press – a number of various materials, I also see LutheranPress materials there. – offers a number of great Lutheran works, some free for download.

Sola Publishing – the publishing house making materials for LCMC and the NALC.  It is the educational wing of WordAlone.

American Lutheran Publicity Bureau – they publish books of various usefulness.

Redeemer Press – this is a publisher associated with Redeemer Lutheran of Fort Wayne, IN.  They have a few books offered, two of which are very useful for study of the liturgy.

Agnus Dei Printing – this company prints awesome traditional certificates for baptism, confirmation, marriage, and ordination – the kind you want to frame and put on the wall (my kids love their baptismal certificates)

Lutheran Visuals – this site has all sorts of Lutheran media.

Pax Domini Press – this company offers Lutheran materials for VBS, Sunday School, as well as “Lenten Bible School”

Added by comments:

Magdeburg Press – This publisher offers a translation of Gerhardt’s Sacred Meditations.  There are some upcoming translations of Matthias Flacius work as well.

Liturgy Solutions – This publisher offers Lutheran music, including choral music for the propers of the day and other resources like hymn arrangements and instrumental accompaniments for Lutheran worship.  Their musical offerings exhibit both talent and faithfulness to Lutheran theology.

LULU ( )This site  sells all sorts of books.  Lulu is a self-publishing service with a number of Lutheran resources in it (usually available for download as well).  Along with titles from, Mark V, CPH, and Lutheran Legacy (among others), here are some other Lutheran offerings found on Lulu:

“Homiletics” by J.M. Reu –  a very good homiletics textbook that became a part of the Concordia Heritage Series

“Handbook for the Beginner’s Home Study in the Word of God” by C.M. Zorn

“Looking for Luther” by Rev. Christian C. Tiews

“Daily Divine Service Book” by Rev. H.R. Curtis

Scriptural Publications – This is a publishing wing of the Concordia Lutheran Conference.  They offer a wide variety of articles in their “The Concordia Lutheran” journal.  Some of these articles may be helpful to understand an outside view of the LCMS.  They also reprint A.L. Graebner’s Outlines of Doctrinal Theology which is an excellent doctrinal text (also available through Print on Demand with CPH) and the expanded doctrinal commentary of Graebner.

Ambassador Publications – This is the publishing house for the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations. Lots of stuff there, check out the Catechism posters…  They also have materials by C.O Rosenius.

God’s Hand in Our Lives – This is a free Sunday School curriculum developed by the Church of the Lutheran Confession.  For those of you on a tight budget (or small sometimes empty classes) this is a good option.  Good content, age appropriate material.  Use as you need.

The CLC Bookhouse – This is the publisher and bookstore for the Church of the Lutheran Confession.

No doubt there are many more shops out there that offer some great things – feel free to comment on them and I will seek to keep this list updated.

University Lutheran Chapel Bookstore – this is the bookstore for ULC in Minneapolis.  They have a number of books that are available.  Notable are Pr. Kind’s book on the Liturgy and also the catechetical work “Didache” by Prof. John Pless.

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