A Synod by Another Name…

In another article here on BJS someone commented that because of the mess with ELCA/NALC/LCMC we should change our name.  The frustration of the commenter is valid and as the alphabet soup of more liberal bodies expands, it is harder and harder to define “Lutheran” anymore (so we have come up with “confessional” to modify it, which is now claimed by all as well – I wonder which adjective is next).

I wrote this post to allow some to be serious, but for others to joke a bit.  I remember that there was almost universal rejection to the proposal of the BRTFSSG this past year to change the name of the LCMS.  I opposed it as well (and still oppose any change to our Synod’s name).  Nonetheless, it may be helpful or hilarious to pose some suggestions.

So with that I would suggest a reconsideration of our name as well (somewhat in jest).

Congregations of the Unaltered Augsburg Confession (CUAC)

Congregations – noting the primary unit of the body

Unaltered Augsburg Confession – as opposed to using “Lutheran” to avoid confusion.

CUAC logo – a duck (slap a cross on it too… or maybe a Luther’s rose)

I would have used a picture of Daffy Duck (with full wrap around clerical collar by the way) but it may have infringed on copyrights…

Seriously with regards to the LCMS, as “Lutheran” has suffered as of late, “Church” creates confusion with Synod (is it Church or not?), “Missouri” ties us to a geographical place (but also a rich heritage), and “Synod” is also confusing to some…  (note I still say stick with it because “Missouri Synod Lutheran” still means something good worldwide)

Satan has done a number on the English language to try to discredit the Gospel…

What name would you propose (serious or not) and why?  Please keep the suggestions in good taste…

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