How About “Confessions Dogs” to Labor Alongside the “Comfort Dogs?” by Pr. Rossow

With all this talk of Comfort Dogs and the new editions of the Lutheran Confessions, it hit me, we need Confessions Dogs to replace the Comfort Dogs or at least work alongside them. Here’s where the idea came from.

Over on the Book of Concord post Helen mentioned that in her Confessions class there are a variety of editions used including a Bekenntnischriften. That reminded me that I used to lug my Triglotta around with me but lately have gotten lazy and left it behind. (I can just imagine all the “Left Behind” puns that are now brewing.) So, I think it is time I get a “Confessions Dog” complete with a little satchel that will carry my Triglotta and other useful resources.

Anyone care to make a list of the helpful resources, besides beer, that the “Confessions Dogs” could carry?

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