Great Stuff Found on the Web — Carl Braaten’s Open Letter to the Editor of the ELCA’s magazine “The Lutheran”

For those interested in following what is going on in the ELCA and its recently-formed splinter groups, Carl Braaten’s recent “Open Letter” is enlightening. Those of us at BJS particularly appreciate this comment from Carl Braaten: “Is there something un-Lutheran about raising voices in protest and criticism of false teachings and practices going on in the church? That’s what theologians do. Lutheran theologians have been doing that from the get-go. Understandably, then and now the church politicians don’t like to hear it.”

Here is the link to the posting of the letter, by Paul McCain, at the ALPB website.


Note: frequently for me I get a blank page with clicking to a specific place on ALPB. If you hit refresh (or hit F5 on a Windows platform) it usually brings up the message.


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