Bo Giertz’s first book, Kristi Kyrka, now available in English!

Bo Giertz’s first book, Kristi Kyrka (1939), which he published at age 33 (!), is now available in the world’s language!

It can be ordered from

Wipf and Stock Publishers
(541) 344-1528 / Fax: (541) 344-1506
info (at)

At the publisher’s web-site, just click on New Books and you’ll find Christ’s Church: Her Biblical Roots, Her Dramatic History, Her Saving Presence, Her Glorious Future.

Kristi Kyrka in English – that’s another milestone in extending Giertz’s grand vision of the Faith and of the Church among Lutherans in all lands, indeed among all Christians.

Giertz writes in the first chapter (quoted on the back cover) that “this book is first of all for those who . . . have some notion of the life that is present within the church walls and have some desire to understand that life better and know more about it” (page 4).

Christ’s Church – that’s a milestone in my life as well! It’s several years since I began working on the translation. Translating is a demanding undertaking! Authoring my 11-page Introduction, obtaining permission from copyright holders to include photos, presenting an index with a new kind of Bible reading plan and an index introducing the 24 figures surrounding Christ in Henrik Sörensen’s altar triptych in the Linköping Cathedral (a very fitting front cover image for this book), proofreading, working with various members of the W&S staff . . . , I’ve spent hundreds of hours, maybe even a thousand, on this project.

I’m deeply grateful that the Lord granted me the time and stamina to author this translation. Yes, a translator is the author of a new and unique literary product!

Bo Giertz wrote Kristi Kyrka expressing his love for Christ and His Church. That same love will be nurtured in the heart, mind, and will of all God’s people who’ll read Christ’s Church.

Soli Deo Gloria !

In His Service,
Pastor Hans Andrae

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