Whether you are a Nerd, Into Yoga or are Straight and want to be a Gay Ally, there’s a Club for You at Concordia, Portland, by Pr. Rossow

Our Concordias are a mess. Over a year ago we reported that several faculty members at Concordia – Chicago had signed a petition in support of liberal terror bomber and humanist educator William Ayers. Now we learn that there is a Gay-Straight Alliance Club at Concordia, Portland. These are actions that are a clear affront to Jesus and his Gospel.

Here is a link to the page on the Concordia – Portland site that lists their various clubs. Concordia – Portland is putting more “liberal” into the phrase “liberal arts” than the LCMS has in mind with its colleges and universities. Lest you think the club is intended to discuss the unbiblical nature of the gay life or to help gays confess their sinful behavior, we will publish an article later this week from the student newspaper that makes it clear that the club was not formed around the Biblical approach to homosexuality.

While we are at it, this is an odd club to have for a Christian University that is dedicated to transforming society, as their mission statement asserts. Apparently they are not transforming society according to the Judeo-Christian ethic. Also while we are at it, what sort of misunderstanding of the doctrine of the two kingdoms is it for a Lutheran university to state that their goal is to transform society? I have read the conclusion of the Bible and it reveals that things are not going to end well for society. God is allowing society to slowly and steadily unravel before he pulls the rug out from under it on judgment day. The role of a Lutheran university is to train church workers and people for other vocations who understand subtle doctrines like the two kingdoms and to send them out into the world to practice their vocation according to the Gospel and do good works that others may see them and give glory to our Father in heaven.

Here is a little more food for thought concerning our universities. I would love to see our universities expand and grow beyond the training of church workers but at almost every turn this tack seems to be failing. (Concordia – Meqon may be the one shining exception.) We seem to have entered this vicious cycle of expanding the curriculum so that we can bring in more students for more tuition so that we can bring in more money so we can expand the university. I wish it could work but hardly any of our universities are demonstrating that they can work this plan and still remain parochial. Instead we get the kind of garbage described above. We hope President Harrison will note this unchristian behavior at Concordia-Portland and in good time deal with it.

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