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This week was the first week in which my congregation prayed for Presidents Gerald Kieschnick and Matthew Harrison according to their new status. While the installation of new officers isn’t until this weekend, terms began on September 1. So this past week was the first week for President Harrison in office. Pastor Rossow already wrote a bit about what the transition was like and I hope to keep you updated on the news — or meaning behind the news — in the new administration.

If you haven’t already seen it, President Harrison’s assistant — the Rev. Albert Collver — has a blog with pictures of the new offices as well as an update that begins:

One of the goals of President Harrison is to have regular theological forums at the International Center. You Pastors remember the feeling of leaving the seminary, enmeshed in study, and eager to get out into the “real world.” Well, once you are in the “real world,” it is all too easy to become so busy that even reading the Bible, let alone the Book of Concord, Walther’s Law and Gospel, Luther, et al., can become quite the challenge. When you are a step further removed from preaching and administrating the Sacrament every Sunday, it can even be more challenging to take time to study. To help keep us sharp, President Harrison plans to have regular theological forums at the International Center. This afternoon was our first ad-hoc forum. In the future, we hope to be able to ask you to study and read along with us. Stay tuned.

What a fantastic — and important — idea. I hope these go well.

More pictures of the changes are available at the Rev. Paul McCain’s blog here.

In completely unimportant news, I’ve completed my travel arrangements to attend the installation this weekend. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes — even though I’m sure you’ll watch online. Let me know if you’ll be there or have any special requests!


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  1. Continuing education takes place all the time for pastors and leaders who serve either in the local parish or “inside the LCMS beltway.” The question is what kind of continuing education it is. Are we studying the newspapers or box scores religiously? Are we viewing our favorite novel or tv series or play with a passion to discover deep truths? Are we devouring the details of golf or fishing or gardening or running or… as if our life depended on it? These things can often be for our good and of some benefit, but I and many I know have at times used them as an excuse to not have time for serious theological study. Even worse is when I think that serious theological study is somehow unimportant or less than relevant.

    I believe this is a very positive step. In the future I hope that parish pastors and leaders who are on the front lines will be brought in to help the folks at the IC know what it is like to contend for the truth day in and day out and make a clear connection between doctrine and practice.

  2. Mollie: I’ll be there – I’ll be wearing my collar, an alb, and a red stole. I should stand out in that garb. I appreciate your comments on BJS a lot.

    It is good that President Harrison is pushing for (orthodox0 theology at the “Palace” but it would be just as nice to hear a little theology once in awhile at our Winkels. Ours is awful.

  3. elnathan, you should come to ours in the Rice Lake Circuit NWD. We’re working through “Law, Life, and the Living God”. And when we do sermon studies someone actually reads some Greek for us. We’ve got a good bunch up here.

  4. Rev Walter,
    You are awesome! Your people are blest!!!!! NWD, is wonderful, isn’t it?
    Do ya happen to know how Rev. Boening is doing lately? Very well, I pray.

  5. Rev Walter,
    If you happen to know Rev. Boening, just tell him, G & M’s firstborn, is the one asking.
    I’m sure, he’ll know who “Dutch”is then. All I ask him, or you,…please, don’t “out” me.
    But I think of him often, when I post here. I always wondered what he thinks of BJS, & what Dutch posts. He knows me, knows my phone, give him my love, if you would, please.
    G & M’s firstborn, & N’s niece,
    cryptic I know, but there’s good reason. Aunts & Uncle’s read Dutch’s posts, & it’s best for both…I stay Dutch. Pass a bit o’ my love to him, will you?

  6. I don’t know Rev. Boening, but looking up the name on the synod’s website, I think the pastor you’re referencing is in SWD.

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