President Harrison on banjo

The installation service was beautiful and joyous and attended by many people. The crowd overflowed the chapel, in fact. Following the service, we had brats and beer on the quad. A band played tunes. President Harrison joined the band for some picking. That’s probably a first! I had to take a picture on my phone so you all could see. Hopefully Pastor Rossow got some better footage.

I was pleased to meet some BJS friends, revisit with old friends, and meet new people. Just a wonderful day and a beautiful celebration. I don’t think I’ve seen so many Lutherans smiling so much in a long time!


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  1. I was right next to Paul so I will spare you the duplication. I am in the car right now on my smart phone. I will have a review of the service up in an hour or so.

    Mollie is so great – perfect summary: lot’s of Lutherans smiling.


  2. Wish I could have been there! It looks great! A very special day for President Harrison, for the other officers, and for our Synod!

  3. I couldn’t help but noticing a prevailing spirit of peaceful joy and happiness. Everyone was so relaxed. The old timer next to me said… “If the people who built these buildings could see these people with clericals dancing…” Wasn’t sure whether he was for or against.

    It was nice day. Unfortunately didn’t get to greet Tim. Will have to meet you another day.

  4. Mollie,

    It was GREAT to see you again.

    The mood of yesterday’s installation/hoedown was very un-Synod Inc.

    In fact, I noticed a few hold-overs from the previous era wandering about aimlessly, looking very out-of-place.

    Things have changed, there’s no going back. I say, full steam ahead.


  5. !
    The sevice, the installation, the weather , the fellowship…renewing and greeting many friends picture taking, the food and bevrages and of course beer, the entertainment and at last getting to see and hear Pres.Harrison on the banjo along with Fritz Baue with the Fiddle…this was truly a blessing and a blessed day. I could not think a little in the servic e of our beginning forefathers and other to follow.

    then to complete my thought with Luther’s explanation how our God preserves our eye sight our hearing and etc. many aren’t that fortunate and I surely thanked my FATHER in heaven last nite for the whole celebration….it was wunderbar

  6. @Todd Wilken #10

    > In fact, I noticed a few hold-overs from the previous era wandering about aimlessly, looking very out-of-place.

    Sounds like an outreach opportunity. Most of them did not even come. I would-a shook their hands had I noticed them, but as I’m nobody, it wouldn’t have helped much. Do you think they showed up in order to ridiculed? I guess anything is possible.

  7. About 500 clergy in vestments with red stoles, including Pastors Wilken, Rossow, et. al. processing on the road up to the chapel was an amazing sight. “And suddenly there appeared a multitude of the Harrison host . . .” 🙂

  8. That whole day must have been fun, but I am warning you: If President Harrison tries to introduce to the LCMS a new hymn, prelude, or postlude to the tune of “Foggy Mountain Breakdown” in any form, I may run for the exits as fast as any “Alternative / Contemporary Worship” would drive me. 🙂 LOL!~~

  9. I’ll be there ahead of you, Rahn, but I expect that to happen right after they authorize beer in the Chalice.

    To paraphrase Higher Things:
    Worship is worship.
    Play is play.
    Work is work.

    I don’t think they’ll get mixed up. Wish I could have been there Saturday. 🙂

  10. Yes, that was me on the fiddle. I only took up the instrument 4 years ago. Somebody commented on how George Portz (a 3 time Illinois state fiddle champion, former national champion, and teacher of Alison Krauss and many other Nashville fiddlers) looked so loose and happy while I had such a serious expression. That sober expression was not the famous “Bluegrass Poker Face”… it was an expression of stark terror because I was hanging on for dear life! Matt is an excellent banjo player, though, and fit right in with the group. More to come… stay tuned…

  11. @Helen #15

    While I was actually joking about my first comment, I do know of a specific LCMS pastor in one of my Dad’s old circuits who liked to celebrate “Polka Masses”, and did so as recently as this spring. Yes, worship is worship, work is work, and play is play. We as a synod just need to really educate ourselves about what each one of these actually is. I trust the present leadership to know the difference. I just pray the synod they lead learns, as well…

  12. So, who are the other members of President Harrison’s ‘Foggy Synod Boys’ Bluegrass band?

    Violin – George Portz
    Violin – Fritz Baue
    Bass – ?
    Guitar – ?
    Banjo – ?

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