Contest to invite Fans to Issues, Etc. Facebook Page

Issues, Etc. is having a contest to generate fans of the Issues Etc Facebook page:

You can win a $50 gift certificate to Concordia Publishing House by simply inviting your friends to become fans of Issues, Etc. on Facebook (

Invite your Facebook friends to become fans. Then send a copy of your invitation and the number of friends you invited to contest @

The two $50 gift certificates will go to the listener with the best invitation, and the listener who invited the most friends.


One example of using “New Media” to invite friends was generated by frequent BJS poster and commentator Brian Yamabe (his blog (Vocation in the Valley) and videos have been featured on BJS several times). It’s worth a viewing:



On a related note, just in case anyone missed the “latest video from Issues, Etc,“, it’s also well worth a listen. It’s found on Issues Etc’s Support page.

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