Another Wittenberg Confession, by Pr. Rossow

A while back we promoted a book of essays that detail the experience of folks who have converted to Confessional Lutheranism. The professions of faith in the book are called “Wittenberg Confessions,” referring to the home of the Reformation and the place where Luther nailed the ninety five theses to the castle church door. Just this morning we got another example of a “Wittenberg Confession” here on the website.

It appeared on an old post by our favorite Calvin expert Bethany Kilcrease (formerly Bethany Tanis). It is written by Warren Brown (see comment #4). Thanks for sharing Warren. We are glad you are aboard because we know you will be that one more small part of ballast in the LCMS that will keep us tracking toward the Homeland with Gospel rightly taught and practiced. Here it is:

After being in a Reformed Church for over twenty eight years (Orthodox Presbyterian), I have finally found my home in Confessional Lutheranism. I attend a Confessional Lutheran Church that is affiliated with the LCMS. The Orthodox Presbyterian Church has a “low” form of worship and is mainly influenced by the Puritans- no vestments (robes) crosses, liturgy etc. They emphasize long drawn -out sermons based upon expository preaching – no Christian Church calendar or appointed Scripture texts. I have learned alot of doctrine through them- but have never felt “at home” when it comes to worship. Lutheran theology speaks to the heart, while Calvinist theology speaks to the intellect. Of course, both camps would say they speak to the heart and intellect (which of course both are needed!!) I am encouraged though by groups like the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (made up mostly of Confessional Lutherans and Confessional Reformed) and magazines like Modern Reformation- and some of the Reformed seminaries are getting back to Law/Gospel preaching-perhaps some of our Reformed brethren are truly Lutheran after all- Praise to God that I have finally found a home in Confessional Lutheranism – Soli Deo Gloria!!

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