What do We Call It? Katie Luther Journal in the Works, by S. Zobel

The newest addition to our publication family needs a name!  The quarterly journal for SKL (Sisters of Katie Luther) focuses on a specific topic for each issue, exploring it through the Lutheran confessions, learning how it is expressed through the liturgy, and how it is lived through our vocation.  Special features will look at women who have been examples of faith throughout the centuries, a reader forum, and much more.  However, we need your help to give the journal a name!  Current suggestions include:
“The Katie Journal”
“The Handmaiden”
“The Lord’s Handmaiden”
“The Burr”
Clearly, help with new ideas would be appreciated. . .please share your ideas for naming this new one!

You can e-mail Suzanne directly by going to the “Contact Us” page or by clicking here.

(This and other posts like it are catalogued on the BJS Newsreel page of the site. It has been a bit dormant with so much of our energy going toward the convention last month. Look for lots more news about BJS the organization in the months to come.)

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