Rev. Fisk on the Book of Concord

Rev. Fisk again hits a homerun with a video talking about his experience finding the Book of Concord, starting with seeing his future wife’s copy of it that she purchased because she took one class that required it. His first reaction was anger — why would a church need a book other than the bible as its confession? He also makes the point that in his Confessions 1 and 2 class in his first year of Sem he didn’t even open the book — with 400 pages to read, what are the students going to read — what the prof talks about of course!

A few links that he points out:

Dare to Read the Book of Concord

And be sure to check out:
Daily Reading by email or twitter

And one more:
BoC Study Group on the Wittenberg Trail



Head on over to Rev Fisk’s videos for more great New Media!

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