Top Ten Reasons why the Higher Things Conference in Logan, Utah Was Absolutely Great (in no particular order)

10. “Pastor, after the breakout today I have decided I want a Christ centered wedding and not a bride centered wedding.”  Where do kids get these thoughts? HT.

9. Fabulous preaching. Top honor goes to Rev. Mark Buetow who preached what is arguably the best crafted sermon I have ever heard. It was on “feet” in the bible. The gracious feet of Christ, my feet so quick to offend, the feet of those who proclaim the good news. Really great. Marcus Zill gets honorable mention for the longest portion of sustained unconditional gospel of the conference. “He gives you forgiveness and you can’t give it back to him.” Where do you hear such great sermons? HT

8. Singing, “O God O Lord of Heav’n and Earth” four times during the services. Then the kids sang it once more in the car coming back from the Great Salt Lake on Friday night after the sun had set, lighting the service book with their cell phones and finally demanded that it be sung on Sunday morning to be assuaged only having learned that the service was already put together and could not be changed. Where do kids learn to love such great hymns? HT

7. “So pastor, you’re saying that the pastors involved in the service are eating and drinking the remainder of the body and blood because the bible doesn’t tell us what else to do with it but eat it? Is that it?” “Right, thanks for asking.” Where do such conversations take place? HT

6. I-pads used to facilitate registration. 23 people registered in less than five minutes.

5. “Pastor, the guy leading the in depth isn’t all concerned about speaking like kids do and he wasn’t the most charismatic speaker but I learned an awful lot and I am so looking forward to tomorrow.” (Speaking of the in depth on “Life is Precious and Sacred – Always” by Dr, James Lamb.)  

4. “What, pastor, we kept you up last night? Our bad. We’ll move a room over tonight. We know the walls are thin. Is that OK?” Who teaches kids this kind of concern? Their parents and HT.

3. After the Dodge Ball marathon one of my kids were overheard saying, “I know that head shots don’t count but inflicting them sure is sweet.” Where do they learn this aggression? HT?

2. Mark Sell’s picture of the two fish. I still can’t get the image out of my head. Thanks Mark.

1. And the number one reason why the Higher Things Conference in Logan Utah was so great; Mr. Christopher Loemker who played the organ. He made it growl with sin, death and the devil. He made it twinkle and glow with grace. He married the emotion of the music with the elegance of its message. He made me cry and laugh while still teaching. It was a joy. Whoever thinks that music is neutral is not only lieing to himself but has not heard Chris play.

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