“Kieschnick is its primary designer”

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch today, an article on restructuring:

The vote on restructuring has been five years in the making. Kieschnick is its primary designer, and he has sold it hard to the people in the pews, traveling the country for the last three years with members of his restructuring task force to listen to suggestions, explain possible changes and answer questions, according to the Rev. Larry Stoterau, president of the denomination’s Pacific Southwest district and a member of the task force.


“Kieschnick is its primary designer” — 17 Comments

  1. Mollie

    What are chances the election is moved up to tomorrow and what time tomorrow should we know if it is going to be moved up?

  2. It’s up the convention to decide when they want to vote on the presidential election. But I think there are many delegates who would like that. I don’t know about timing . . . I”ll keep you all posted!

  3. I hate to go off topic, but I can’t help myself.

    I am watching / listening the ‘streaming’ coverage.

    WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS MUSIC? I have heard better in a SMALL church!

  4. Does President Kieschnick really want to leave behind the legacy of being a restructuring designer and salesman? I can’t believe the Office of LCMS President has become so non-pastoral and non-theological.

  5. Re the article in the Post-Dispatch

    “In his office, Kieschnick has surrounded himself with collected pieces of his life. There’s a copy of the “Treasury of Daily Prayer,” two photos of himself shaking hands with President George W. Bush, a sign that reads, “Time is short; Hell is not,” a bronze Frederic Remington sculpture called “Stampede” depicting a cowboy on horseback rounding up longhorns.

    “‘That one reminds me of my life,’ Kieschnick said. ‘There’s a cowboy, head down, rein in one hand, whip in the other, on a horse surrounded by mad cows.’”

    One might inquire as to the identity of the “mad cows.

  6. @Dave Berger #5
    One might inquire as to the identity of the “mad cows.”

    One might inquire if GK was ever on a horse,
    or saw a longhorn, BEVO, (the University of Texas mascot) excepted.

  7. I’m an Old Cow Hand by Johnny Mercer

    I’m an old cowhand
    From the Rio Grande,
    But my legs ain’t bowed
    And my cheeks ain’t tan.
    I’m a cowboy who never saw a cow,
    Never roped a steer cause I don’t know how.
    And I sure ain’t a-fixin to start in now,
    Yippie yai oh kai-ay…

    I’m an old cowhand
    From the Rio Grande,
    And I learned to ride,
    ‘Fore I learned to stand.
    I’m a riding fool who is up to date,
    I know every trail in the Lone Star State.
    Cause I ride the range in a Ford V-8,
    Yippie yai oh kai-ay…

    I’m an old cowhand
    From the Rio Grande,
    And we come to town
    just to hear the band.
    We know all the songs that the cowboys know,
    ‘Bout the big corral where the doggies go.
    ‘Cause we learned them all on the radio,
    Yippie yai oh kai-ay…

  8. My understanding is that the proposed structural changes as designed and sold by President Kieschnick would fold LCMS World Relief and Human Care into the office of the next synod president. Could someone tell me what impact the proposed changes would have on the departments of Lutheran Church Extension Fund, LCMS Foundation, LCMS World Missions, and Concordia Plan Services?

  9. “Kieschnick was one of four children, all brought up in the Lutheran church, though he was the only sibling to pursue a career in the church.”

    “Career?” What ever happened to vocation?

  10. @Dave Berger #5
    “‘That one reminds me of my life,’ Kieschnick said. ‘There’s a cowboy, head down, rein in one hand, whip in the other, on a horse surrounded by mad cows.’”

    One might inquire as to the identity of the “mad cows.
    * The Meaning of “Stampede”, a bronze Frederic Remington sculpture

    It was as though there were nine skinny mad cows, and three large mad cows, and the three large cows ate the nine skinny longhorns for lunch (hamburger). What does this mean?

    We will have nine theologically lean years followed by three healthy, robust years. Put the right theologian in charge, and the theological famine will end.

    By changing the synod in polity, and doctrine (read the fine print in the BRTF proposals–unionism is no longer a big deal!) and vision, the synod could over time go to hell. Three more years? Remember: “Time is short; Hell is not.” We can’t afford another three years…We’ve got such a mess here, this is a job for a real theologian! We’ve seen one “Lutheran” church go over the edge. We do not need to follow suit by trying to conform with the ways of the world.”

  11. One question,
    I may be looking at this article wrong,
    but does anyone see an ounce of humility from President Kieschnick in this article?
    Does this represent what a “bondservant” in Christ is or ought to appear?
    He just can’t seem to help inferring & placing himself & the effects of the Holy Spirit, in the same catagory.

    “I/It was taken out of context” is going to be forthcoming. Poste haste most likely.

    “I charge thee Cromwell, fling away ambition. By that sin the angels fell”
    President Kieschnick should have read & comtemplated Shakespeare’s Henry VIII, rather than Purpose Driven Church or Quantum Spirituality.

  12. Do you think he really tried to sell it to anyone in the pews? I am in the pews and never heard of it. I stumbled on it while looking for some LWML stuff on the LCMS website. My experience is limited, but in my limited experience such measures don’t sell to folks in the pews, so they are instead “sold” to the small group who can actually vote for them. After such measures pass, then they are “sold” at the congregation level. That is what they did when I was in the ELCA, and why I left.

  13. Mad cows? Wow! Jesus took a small child in his arms and said, do not hinder the little children to come to me… Mad cows? Rein in one hand and whip in another? Wow! We need a shepherd, not a rhinestone cowboy. Wow!


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