Great Stuff Found on the Web — Brian Yamabe on LCMS official services from the LSB

Rev Fisk has once again generated an excellent video. This one shows a problem with Worship services in the LCMS and other churches which led Brian Yamabe to write this overture. Brian would like to see it “bubble up” as an idea from the grassroots and hopes that many would submit it to their circuit convocations, districts and to synod.

Watch the video, then read what Brian has to say below.



One comment came in from a high schooler that is interesting to read:

This is terrible. As a senior, I see this narcissistic paganism in my own “Lutheran” highschool.  Its so terrible when all kids like me need to hear is that, “yeah you have messed up. worse yet you’ve incurred God’s wrath. But Christ took bore that wrath for you in his own person. Your sins are forgiven and you are righteous. Go in peace.” The last thing sinful high schoolers need to hear is that their emotions, decisions, and “being on fire for Jesus” is what makes one right with God.

Pastor Fisk replied:

Thanks for the comment, and thank you for the honesty. I’m always amazed when I talk to youth, how many of them see through the charade. If only we could convince the adults…..



Now, from Brian Yamabe on his blog


Overture to Floor Committee on Theology and Church Relations

I’ve seen enough oddball services held at various LCMS gatherings. Many people have been offended by these cooked up orders of service. Sure some are offended as a matter of personal preference, but some truly take theological issue with the services. As we all know there is no order of service commanded in Holy Scripture, but it is quite clear from them and our confessions that worship should be orderly and peaceful. To that end I am going to submit the following overture to my district and the national conventions; You know “bubbling up from the grassroots” and all. If you have any suggestions to strengthen the wording, please feel free to leave a comment. I know we’ve go a couple of years, but this kind of stuff will drift out of my mind by then if I don’t put it down now.



To Use Lutheran Service Book at Services During Official District and National Gatherings

WHEREAS, God, in His 3rd Commandment, places an expectation upon us to worship Him; and

WHEREAS, God calls us to the Divine Service such that He might distribute His gifts to us; and

WHEREAS, AC XXVIII.55 states, “… that all things be done in the churches in order, and without confusion”; and

WHEREAS, Article III.7 of the Constitution states, “Encourage congregations to strive for uniformity in church practice, but also to develop an appreciation of a variety of responsible practices and customs which are in harmony with our common profession of faith;”

WHEREAS, 1998 Resolution 2-12 commissioned a new hymnal to be produced, 2004 Resolution 2-03A approved Lutheran Service Book, and 2007 Resolution 2-03A thanked the Commission on Worship for its work on Lutheran Service Book; and

WHEREAS, Nearly 70 percent of all LCMS congregations have adopted Lutheran Service Book (2010 Convention Workbook pg. 46); therefore; be it

RESOLVED, That for the sake of “love and tranquility” (AC XXVIII.55) all services during official District and Synodical gatherings use an order of service out of and as it is outlined in Lutheran Service Book.


Be sure to follow more of Brian Yamabe’s writings here.

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