Drink Your Beer and then Start Talking, by Pr. Rossow

Here is a happy group of Harrison supporters in Alma, Michigan, including Pastor Tom Messer, a regular BJS contributor, drinking up in thanksgiving for the election of Rev. Matt Harrison.

My advice to the folks in Alma and to LCMS’ers all around the globe, is to drink up and then start talking. In his It’s Time document, Harrison lays out a process whereby synod folks start talking to each other about our differences in hopes of bringing about greater unity. President Elect Harrison himself will be convening a group of synod leaders to do just that in hopes that by the end of a year of discussions they will be able to formulate a series of theses, similar to the Formula of Concord, that will carve out an identity for Confessional Lutheranism as we forge into this new millennium.

It is a great plan. Before you start commenting below please take time to reread It’s Time and then once you set your beer down, start talking.

(By the way, for great stories about beer drinking, travel, and all sorts of life’s pleasures be sure to regularly check out our “No Pietiests Allowed” page.)

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