Confessional Lutheranism in the news

I just saw this great article in the Herald-Journal about the Higher Things conference that’s going on in Logan, Utah, right now.

It makes me wish I were there! Here’s how the article begins:

Teenagers from around the country have gathered on Utah State University’s campus this week to unite in one common belief: Jesus Christ died and rose again for them.

More than 500 kids participated in Higher Things, an annual four-day Lutheran youth conference that ends today.

The driving force of Higher Things is to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ and worship together, said Sandra Ostapowich, Higher Things conference coordinator. She said the youth “eat it up.”

“They can’t get enough,” she said.

Participants, who are mostly high school and college students, spend their time in worship services, workshops and teaching sessions.

“They spend four days immersed in their traditions and in the gospel of the church, and they go home and it permeates their entire lives,” Ostapowich said.


Confessional Lutheranism in the news — 7 Comments

  1. Awesome! Higher Things is amazing. Both of my kids are leaving for Nashville on Sunday. I wish I could ne going too.

    Eric Ramer

  2. I did an adult “HT for a day” with a couple of friends in San Antonio.
    If you are near enough to do that, do go! It was a day full of good lectures, good worship and good music, Lutheran style. So glad we had the opportunity!

  3. Just imagine all the Mormons reading this great Christian witness over morning coffee! Thanks be to God!!!

  4. Not only in the newspaper in Logan, Mollie, but on the front page starting above the fold–and with two color photos!

    The highlight of the conference (for me) came when one of the girls in my group did a fist pump and “yes” when she saw we would be singing the Magnificat from Evening Prayer: “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God, my Savior” (LSB 248-9). Not a traditional liturgical action, I’ll grant, but what joy in her heartfelt embrace of the riches we’ve been given.

    Ten liturgical services in just over 72 hours. Thirty-seven great hymns delivering Jesus not counting the conference hymn, “O God, O Lord, of Heaven and Earth” which was sung four times–once each day. Excellent preaching, seven great Law and Gospel sermons with the Gospel predominating in each and every one. The theme was GIVEN and that’s what we were, by God through word and sacrament by the hands and mouths of his under-shepherds, in worship and plenary speakers, in-depth presentations, and breakout sessions. Truly, God’s gifts of grace, GIVEN in good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over.

  5. Ov. 5-16, “To Provide to Specific Ministry Pastor (SMP) Students the Same Pre-Ordination Core Curriculum as Residential Seminary Students”

    Does the Spirit of Christ really call or really gives a call to any man who has no love of learning Divine things or wants to be a physician of souls without the ability to do so.

  6. Our youth, 10 of them, are off to Nashville this week. Many more adults than are needed wish they could go along! God bless the HT conference and all who participate!

  7. Howard Hughes: Are you perhaps on the wrong topic?
    Perhaps Norm will move you to Ov.5-16?

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