BJS is the Go to Place for Lutheran News and Commentary for the LCMS Convention

Thanks for making BJS the go to place for news and commentary for the LCMS convention. We are about to go over 5,000 unique visitors for the day and may set an all time record for unique visitors for a day. Our other record days have also been around 5,000 and revolved around news about Issues, Etc. 

Many folks have been coming up to me on the convention floor and mentioning that they are reading the posts on BJS. The readers are coming from all corners of the church – middle of the road delegates, confessional delegates, seminary and co0llege profs, International Center staff and of course we know that supporters of the church growth movement and of President Kieschnick are reading the site because we have had them chiming in on the comments page for the last several months.

Once the convention is over we will be able to focus more closely on our goals but for now, reporting and commenting on these matters helps our readers and members to better understand the theological implications of synod polity and it gives us a chance to apply the teachings of Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions to train our readers and members to better discern those things that are helpful for the Gospel and those that are not.

We also encourage our readers to check out Cross Focused Leadership for Missouri, particularly their RSS feed and Tweets from Phillip Magness and others for more frequent reports on the convention and you can also go to the LCMS website to watch the convention on a live streaming video.

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