Rocky Mt. District President Golter Shares Concerns about Restructuring, by Pr. Rossow

In the reserved and conservative LCMS it takes a lot for a District President to speak out against a synod wide initiative. They just don’t do such a thing  because synod wide initiatives are usually done  slowly, carefully, and with genuine input and are also only done  when the synod-wide initiative unquestionably resolves the synod-wide crisis that prompted it in the first place. That is not the case with the LCMS Task Force on Restructuring appointed by synod President Gerald Kieschnick, at least that is what Rocky Mt. DP Randy Golter has decided. He writes about it in his June President’s Letter to the district.

It may be  because the resolutions his district submitted asking that the restructuring proposals be slowed down were ignored by the Convention Floor Committee. In the following letter to the Rocky Mountain District he gives an even better reason. He asserts that the LCMS needs to pause for deeper theological thinking and pondering than what President Kieschnick’s  Task Force has provided for us.

It is a big deal in the LCMS when a District President speaks out against a synod-wide initiative. We commend Bishop Golter for his straight-forward talk on the shortcomings of the Task Force process  and ask all synod delegates and congregation members to read his critique and ponder it deeply.

Here is a pdf link to President Golter’s June  newsletter article. We are working on obtaining a better copy of it and will post it here when we obtain it.

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