How did the nominations committee miss this one?

The nominations committee of the LCMS, elected at last year’s district conventions, deserves our thanks for pouring over the various nominations for the various board positions and putting before the convention those candidates for office who, in their judgment seem best. And their nominations are generally good. A few omissions stand out, however. Most notable is Rev. Daniel McMiller.

How did this man not get nominated? He is currently Mission Exec for the South Wisconsin District. He is an educator, having served for five years as director of theological education in the same district. Most remarkably he was a church planter for 7 years in Peru, 3 years in Chile and 4 in Panama. On top of that he’s taught Hebrew at the college level. You’d think that the nominations committee would be doing cartwheels at the chance to put this man’s name forward. But they missed him. Makes you wonder who else they may have overlooked.      

Thankfully a group called “The United List” plans on seeing to it that Rev. McMiller is nominted from the floor. If you’re a delegate to the upcoming convention you should seriously consider voting for McMiller for this important position.

For more information about Rev. McMiller please click here

For more information about the United List check here  


Klemet Preus

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