BJS Newsreel: Growing Up and Moving Out of the House

Hopefully the day comes when your progeny matures enough to move out of the house and into their own place.   As BJS takes the next steps toward maturity along with a “roommate,” the organization has moved out of the house — Rev. Rossow’s house, that is — and now has its own address.   Correspondence and donations should now be sent to the new address:  

Steadfast Lutherans
P.O. 380616
Clinton Township, MI 48038      

Although a smaller residence than the previous address (a PO box), the “Steadfast Lutherans” family will include both Brothers of John the Steadfast and Sisters of Katie Luther.   Please note the change in your address book.  

Wondering what to send as a house-warming gift?   Your donation to support the further growth and development of the Steadfast Lutherans family would be highly appreciated.

Suzanne E. Zobel
Associate Director

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