ELDoNA and ACLC Announce Fellowship Agreement

In our efforts to promote confessional Lutheran doctrine BJS is always interested in the proceedings of confessional Lutheran bodies. Two small groups, the Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America (ELDoNA) and the Association of Confessional Lutheran Congregations (ACLC) announced this week that they are in fellowship. The focus on pure doctrine and practice by each group is  admirable and refreshing in this day and age of tolerance and over emphasis on freedom and individualism.

Here is the announcement that was posted on the Confess and Teach for Unity (CAT 41) E-list:

With the walls of Salem Lutheran Church of Malone, Texas still ringing from the Te Deum just sung, we are pleased to announce that the Evangelical Lutheran Diocese of North America has responded to last month’s resolution by the Association of Confessional Lutheran Churches with a reciprocal resolution recognizing that doctrinal unanimity exists between them, so that these two bodies are now in a recognized state of fellowship. More will follow when the superintendents of these bodies provide us with statements. The process of evaluating one another’s conformity to God’s Word and it’s pure exhibition as found in the Christian Book of Concord has been completed to the glory of God and to the production of much joy among those now in fellowship, who pray that others will join them in such discussions that lead to God-pleasing unity, as well.

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