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  1. I can hear it now. “We’re going to take this form of “worship” and put a “Lutheran twist” on it.

  2. I loved the relevance to something! Not sure what it was, but I think this has got to be revelant!

    Actually it was quite humerous. But I’ve heard it said that humor must be connected to reality–otherwise it isn’t funny. Revelance!

  3. Boogie, a growing number of LCMS churches are doing this, even promoted in the Lutheran Witness.

  4. Anybody heard Chris Rosebrough’s “All about me” clip? Hilarious, but it hurts just a bit.

    Any way you slice it, it’s entertainment, dressed up in “God-talk.” Been there, done that, had a belly full, my hearing left me, and whenever I see the words “Contemporary Worship”, I now run for the nearest exit, Maalox in hand.

    Thanks for the biting humor.


  5. That was really funny and so very sad that it describes perfectly what is happening today.

  6. I would encourage both pastors and the laity to use this as a learning tool, contrasting this with true divine worship. Thanks Molly for posting it. I had not seen it.

  7. I appreciate at 3:09 that the tattoo is the temporal modifier in Hebrew that, in general, means, “And it came to pass” which is almost never translated. Therefore, in essence, his tattoo means “nothing”. My Hebrew, however, is rusty, so a little verification would be good! But if I am correct, that is a very astute, clever, and deliberate detail on their part.

  8. 🙂 🙂 Great satire on “worship /multi sensory” and its extremely limited content of Divine Service. I have yet to see any of these forms come close to the ancient liturgies. If the supporters of this form think repetition of the prayers and creeds of those “old” liturgies is boring they seem to be immune to the innane boredom, thier mantra like melodies and lyrics can ellicit. ie.

    “Lord we praise you, we praise you, we praise you , we wan na praise you, we just praise you, (whispered) we just wan na praise you (I mean Pa lease, I think he heard us the first time! 🙂 )

    I would rather repeat the rich liturgies than the empty “praises” of these forms. After all what is the next sensory fix going to be, holy pole dancing? Acid metal praise worship? Our beloved Kurt Marquart said it best, (paraphrase) “you cannot use a form without bringing some of the content the form was designed to contain.”

    As funny as thisis itis taken deadly erious by its advocates and contrary to what tey “think andFeel” it is not just different it is inferior.

  9. Not sure if you noticed that the You Tube video is no longer available. Hmm.

  10. @Timothy C. Schenks #4

    Too right! The National Youth Gatherings have been our Trojan horse.
    “Take this [garbage] home, kids, and tell your Pastor to perform like this!”

    WHO or what is/are “Northpointe Ministries”?
    (I don’t suppose anyone thought of downloading the thing… for research purposes?)

  11. No problem, Timothy!
    A local computer expert has got the vimeo going ’round the neighborhool, for comments.

  12. Humorous and sardonic and truthful all at the same time. Well done.

    On the flip side, I will say that demonizing alternate forms of worship other than the divine service from LSB is hardly helpful to our church or even Christian.

    Makes me wonder as I peruse comments on this website whether or not our brothers and sisters in Africa who are not using a Germanic liturgy are worshiping “correctly.”

  13. Helen,

    Northpoint Ministries is Andy Stanley’s ___________________ (fill in the blank). I don’t know if his actual church is involved or is it a subset of his church, but it is a little ironic in that you have to wonder if they are poking fun at themselves. Our LCMS church has used Andy Stanley’s “videos” in our Adult Sunday School classes in the past. Kind of sad, isn’t it?

  14. Thanks, Bill! (I think.) 🙂

    Bo, it might be “demonizing alternate forms of worship” if I invented the thing.
    But it seems to be their own comment on their “style” (and content).
    Is it “demonizing” to wonder if their “worship” goes any higher than their own heads, since the only mention of God was in connection with “the offering” ?
    [Bit of old fashioned terminology there!] 🙂

    Guess what! The church I visited last Sunday still had TLH in the pew racks.
    PTM/CPH missed one! [JOKE: traditional Lutheran worship; at expense of]

  15. @Bo #20

    I would guess that our brothers and sisters in Africa would be horrified by these “alternative worship styles” and I suspect the Lutherans use a a Christian liturgy.

  16. @MP #23

    Wow. Your comment seems quite shallow.

    A general comment.

    I faithfully check these Lutheran message boards once every couple years just to see the buzz. What strikes me most is how many posts some folks make. Thousands?! I wish I were as efficient at following up on all our visitors and shut ins that I’d have time to post!

    My apologies for sounding so negative. It’s actually not my nature. Just encouraging all the posters to keep up and continue the good service of sharing the Gospel in the best way possible.

    Peace in Jesus!

  17. Wow the sardonic humor Bo is so clever. Way to stick the knife in with the sharing the Gospel bit. Then follow it up with a throw down of Jesus’ name.

    If this type of thing bothers you then don’t read the blog. If you have the guts, stay around a bit and engage. Think. Read. This is a community of people that like to think and breathe the Word, and discuss yes Lutheran issues. You are welcome to do the same, but possibly do it with the spirit of engagement not dissent.

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