BJS Readership Skyrocketing – Nearing 2 Million Page Loads, by Pr. Rossow

As of 11 AM this morning this website has had 1,876,130 page loads. Actually we have most likely exceeded 2 million down loads  but we changed stat counting software after our first few months and so those stats are not included in this report.  We went online on the occasion of the Dedication of the Augsburg Confession, June 25, 2008. The stats I am reporting here are from August 2008 to the present.

We are humbled and honored that so many folks have found a home here for Lutheran news and commentary. Our readership is diverse and far-reaching. We focus mostly on the LCMS but not solely.  We have readers from Australia, Japan, Czechoslovakia and last week we had a man from Finland  join the Brothers of John the Steadfast. We have begun making plans for our Associate Director Suzanne Zobel to do some teaching of women in Africa. We routinely have articles submitted from  Wisconsin Synod executives and we also enjoy reporting on smaller Lutheran groups such as ELDONA and the United Lutheran Mission Association. We have readers who come to the site because of their passion for the liturgy, for the office of the holy ministry, for the Lutheran Confessions and recently we have been pleased to have an increase in the number of commenters who have questioned  certain posts here  at BJS. We welcome those questions. We have a fairly liberal editorial policy on comments (that’s the only liberal thing you will find on this site)  and welcome all sorts of diverse views (but of course we rarely let opposing views stand without a winsome and compelling response).

Here are a few more statistics.

  • We are now averaging about 2,500 unique visitors a day. That is up 100% over the past year.
  • We have had in the neighborhood of 100,000 unique visitors come to the site. (We wish we could give you an exact number on that but we use freeware to track our stats and it does not give us that number. We used a beta version of some freeware that gave us a number of 70,000 about 3 months ago but once they moved beyond beta they stopped assigning a number to each visitor.)
  • Our readership high points have come at unique junctures in the LCMS: 1) the start of the district conventions, 2) the end of the circuit delegate elections and 3) the approaching Houston convention.
  • On an average day about 40% of our visitors return for a second or third look.

Again, we are humbled and honored. Your participation inspires us to continue to be the go-to place for Lutheran news and commentary.

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