Who’s happy?

I was researching a quick post on how the recent news about nominations is being taken by supporters of President Kieschnick, and I’ll post on that shortly.

But my interviews suggest that there are three groups of people who are very excited — in some cases, downright giddy — about the nominations results:

1. The synod’s financial guys
2. The seminaries (students and faculty alike)
3. Missionaries past and present

The “past” missionaries group is interesting since we’ve seen a tremendous draw down of ordained LCMS missionaries during the last decade. Did you know there are only 2 ordained missionaries in all of Central and South America? (And that includes the Caribbean — like Haiti/Dominican Republic, etc.)

On that note, Lutheran church leaders worldwide are also reported to be excited.

Obviously different nominees will have different constituencies. And it’s interesting to see how those constituencies are reacting to the news.


Who’s happy? — 12 Comments

  1. Are there really only 2 ordained men in Haiti… or two that are on the LCMS roster?
    CTS has been training Haitians for the ministry, at Ft Wayne and, I think, in Haiti. Of course, everything may be off track now, especially as the first Lutheran Haitian Pastor, Doris Jean Louis, was killed recently.

    [Pr. Louis’ wife was recently interviewed on NPR; I heard it one morning. She said she didn’t question the earthquake; her husband was consoling their congregation and encouraging them to go on. When he was killed on his doorstep by a group of men, she did wonder, “Why?” (Of course, this may be NPR’s “editing”.)]

    Your point, of course, is that we have killed off our professional (ordained) missionary effort around the world and all the while lcms inc. is talking “mission”!
    Anybody can do that. This morning I read a blurb about our library that begins with its “mission”.

  2. Helen,
    I was unclear above. I meant “missionaries.” Obviously the Haitian church has its own ordained pastors. I changed it above.

  3. It would be a kick in the teeth for Kieschnick to loose the Presidency, as he is a proude spirit and would be loath to not be the head of all things.

    It is like the Prime Minister of Britain becoming a back bencher, after heading the party and having 4 or more terms in office.

    This is a man who has blasphemed the Doctrine of God, along with Behnke, in saying and affirming Behnkes assertion that Muslims and Christians worship or have the same God.

    Never mind Kieschnick’s advocating to Behnke to participate in the Yankee Stadium Service in the first place.

    We must remember how disastrously bad this creature has been for the church, called the LCMS.

  4. Although we are encouraged by the nomination numbers, they prove little. All that matters is the delegates, and how they vote. I doubt that there’s any way to predict that, no matter how much we play with numbers.

    Let’s stop crowing about the nominations, and get to work on the elections, and defeating the structure proposals.


  5. Joyful, thankful might be a better way to view this. A return to our Confessions as a timeless and yet always new set of standards will be a breath of fresh air only The Spirit can deliver. it would of course be even more joyful if Harrison can win and such a regeneration takes place. We have so much to be thankful for in our heritage and nothing to be ashamed of or in need of disguising in CG or evangelical clothing.

  6. @johannes #7
    In that regard, please see that your pastoral and lay delegates get “The Lutheran Clarion.” I spoke with the lay delegate for our circuit and he said he has been receiving comp issues of the newsletter when I offered him mine. Also, he has been getting comp issues of publications from the “other side,” so their propoganda machine is fully operational.

    By the way, much of this BRTF stuff is recycled material. See the latest “Lutheran Clarion,” esp. “The Secret History of the Blue Ribbon Plan.” Forgive me if I am recyling this myself. http://lutheranclarion.org/images/NewsletterApr2010.pdf

  7. Mollie,

    I came to Venezuela in 2003 and served for three years as a lay volunteer. In 2008, I was called and ordained to serve as the resident pastor of a mission that my wife and I have started in the small town of La Caramuca, about 3 to 4 hours from the Colombian border. (My wife, Luz Maria, is a deaconess.) Our mission includes a preschool with an enrollment of 25 children, ages 2 to 6, and a tutoring program for older children, up to about 12 years of age. We have a worship service with Holy Communion every Sunday. So far 11 people have been baptized and eight confirmed at our mission.

    Our mission receives no financial support from LCMS World Missions, but rather from Lutheran mission societies, congregations and individuals in the United States.

    Perhaps I am hard to classify, but:

    1. I am North American and;
    2. A lifelong member of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (members of my family have been pastors, teachers, missionaries and active laymembers of the LCMS since 1848. In fact, my ancestors were among the Old Lutherans who fled the Prussian Union of 1839.)
    3. I have received theological education by extension from professors at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis; Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana; and el Seminario Concordia, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    4. I was formally ordained with the laying on of hands from leaders of the Venezuelan church and LCMS missionary pastor Ted Krey, who currently is serving in the Dominican Republic.

  8. I am with everyone that thinks the nomination numbers are great. I share Johannes concern that it may not accurately reflect the views of circuit delegates, so diligence is still required. Lastly, I want to encourage everyone to pray for Rev. Harrison. He has much to deal with should he win the election, and he is also a sinner like the rest of us and will probably make some mistakes or do things that some of us disagree with. Just a thought for us who on occasion (myself included) have thought him as a sort of messiah for the Synod. Pray for wisdom and God’s’ will to be done through his presidency, should he be elected.

  9. How could we not be thrilled first of all with a quality man of God like Matt Harrison even being willing to serve as President if so elected and secondly to be ousting an Obama like figure which is managing to throw our beloved confessional church into chaos and despair? Please pray for all the delegates who have said they will vote for Pastor Harrison that they will have the courage to follow through without fear of reprisement.

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