Who’s happy?

I was researching a quick post on how the recent news about nominations is being taken by supporters of President Kieschnick, and I’ll post on that shortly.

But my interviews suggest that there are three groups of people who are very excited — in some cases, downright giddy — about the nominations results:

1. The synod’s financial guys
2. The seminaries (students and faculty alike)
3. Missionaries past and present

The “past” missionaries group is interesting since we’ve seen a tremendous draw down of ordained LCMS missionaries during the last decade. Did you know there are only 2 ordained missionaries in all of Central and South America? (And that includes the Caribbean — like Haiti/Dominican Republic, etc.)

On that note, Lutheran church leaders worldwide are also reported to be excited.

Obviously different nominees will have different constituencies. And it’s interesting to see how those constituencies are reacting to the news.

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