“The financial crisis that Synod is facing”

If you go to this page on the Synodical website, you’ll see an appeal for funds for something called the 2010 National Offering. I’m not familiar with the “national offering” or if it’s been done before but this one, which is presented in a letter signed by Synodical President Gerald Kieschnick, says “it is more important than ever to help people live confidently for Christ and embrace people with His love.” It goes on:

Toward this goal, I am encouraging the greatest gathering of gifts for the mission and ministry of our church that has ever been witnessed through a special National Offering. Sharing Christ’s Love is our offering theme to support the living presence of Christ’s love to everyone, no matter their need or season in life.

Your National Offering gift will be used where needed most in support of our church-wide vision by providing trustworthy resources faithful to the Word and a ministry network accountable for equipping local congregations. Together, we will work vigorously to make known the love of Christ by word and deed in our churches, communities and the world.

One reader wondered if this had anything to do with an action made by the Board of Directors last year to seek funds. (You can find this on page 3 of this PDF):

Near the end of the meeting, the Treasurer again stressed the seriousness of the financial crisis that the Synod is facing. To at least begin to address the Synod’s unmet unrestricted funds needs, he suggested dedicating the 2010 convention offering for this purpose. He also suggested that the Synod consider doing fund-raising for unrestricted dollars, another topic he already addressed in a March 19, 2009 memorandum to the board. The board agreed to discuss the matter of fund-raising for unrestricted dollars at its next meeting. The following resolution was also introduced and adopted:

Resolved, That the Board of Directors advocate that the offering from the 2010 convention be used to help to alleviate the Synod’s unmet unrestricted funds needs;

It would seem that the “national offering” and the offering to address the financial crisis dealing with unrestricted funds are the same thing. That’s good to know and also a good reminder of the Synod’s financial problems that have been growing for a while now.

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