New Kieschnick & Co. plan? Tone down BRTF proposals

After I noted the presence of a “confidential” report for the Blue Ribbon Task Force on Synod Structure and Governance, I had several offers to see the report. I have it in hand, now, and will be posting excerpts this weekend.

One of my sources who sent it to me — who is well placed in the International Center to be privy to such conversations — told me that discussions are taking place on how to tone down the Blue Ribbon Task Force proposals so as to make them seem more palatable to delegates. This is still in the discussion stages — and I guess we’ll find out within the next few weeks if Kieschnick and the Task Force decide to do this. But the idea, he said, is not just to salvage something from the expensive task force process (he says this $500,000 report is just the tip of the iceberg) but also in the hopes that it saves Kieschnick’s hide.

They have gotten the message that delegates are not happy with the Blue Ribbon Task Force proposals and they’re working on what’s the best course of action. They could try the same approach that House and Senate Democrats took in the Health Care debate — push through the changes despite public outrage — but they also realize that this would seriously threaten any hope that Kieschnick has of squeaking a win out. Once again, I’m hearing that “everything is on the table.”

As soon as I hear more, I’ll share it with you. And I’ll work on getting out some of this report as soon as I can.

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