Group Organizing to Help Graduates without Calls at Ft. Wayne, by Pr. Rossow

As we all read in Mollie’s post yesterday, there are several pastoral candidates that will not be placed at the Fort Wayne Seminary. A group is being formed to receive donations to help them out until they receive calls. Here is what we know so far. We will keep you posted on their progress.
Discussions have been initiated to quickly develop a fund to financially assist those graduating students who are awaiting a call. Involved are confessional lawyers, business people and pastors. The objective is to quickly and legally establish the fund so that 100% of the donated money will go to those in need.
 At this point we do not have exact information on how many students and families will be in need or the amount of support that  must be raised.
As this develops, we need to get the word out through every medium available. Meanwhile, please spread the word that, God willing, there will be a way for the people of God to respond in a concrete way to a very real human need. To God be the Glory in every place, time and circumstance!

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