Good Stuff Found on the Web — Calendar Items and Matt Harrison in CT this weekend!

Did you notice on the Cross-Focused Leadership for Missouri Fan Page on Facebook the announcement that Pr Matt Harrison is speaking at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Norwalk, CT this Saturday and Sunday? Any of our readers who are in the area should attend if possible! Being a Connecticut Yankee myself, I would love to attend, but it’s just a tad far. I used to do the 20-hour drive overnight as a teen, but .. it’s no longer in these old bones to do that.

This item is found on the Lutheran Calendar .. be sure to add your upcoming events to the calendar. You can add the calendar to your blog by using the RSS widget using this URL:

Be sure to monitor the Cross-Focused Leadership for Missouri website as they seem to have good information there. You can Subscribe to the RSS feed or Subscribe to new posts by email. The website also has this announcement and is another excellent website to visit.

Pr Harrison is also speaking at the Congress on the Lutheran Confessions Conference this Wednesday .. if you are close to Bloomington MN, be sure to attend the ACL from Wed through Friday as there are many great speakers and I’m sure it will be an excellent event.

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