A tale of Two Synods?

When radio station KFUO AM was founded in 1924, the call letters stood for “Keep Forward, Upward, Onward.” But that was back in the days of our grandfathers’ synod.

What do those call letters stand for today?

KFUO AM recently held its annual on-air fundraiser “Share-a-thon 2010.” At the same time, the boys over at Issues, Etc. were broadcasting “Issues, Etc. 24,” their live, 24 hours of Issues, Etc. Bible studies.

Listening a little to both proved to be a study in contrast.

Issues, Etc. 24 was in-depth Bible study with guests like Arthur Just, John Kleinig, Scott Murray and Bill Cwirla. KFUO AM‘s Share-a-thon consisted of mostly contemporary Christian praise music.

Issues, Etc. 24 was exactly what you’d expect from Lutheran radio: strong theologians and biblical content with a break every half-hour to ask for the listeners’ support. KFUO played several songs, broke for 5 or 6 minutes of mostly mindless banter and appeals for support, then returned to the praise music.

Issues, Etc. 24 reflected the very best of confessional Lutheran theology –something for which many of us in the LCMS are longing.

KFUO’s Share-a-thon reflected the “vision” of Lutheranism promoted by the current synodical leadership, especially by our current synodical president –a vision light on theology and heavy on corporate image.

What do the letters KFUO stand for today? Perhaps “Kieschnick, Forward, Upward, Onward”?

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