Nothing says Lutheran like “PE worship,” am I right? (UPDATED)

Next week is Lutheran Schools Week. Lutheran schools across the country will be celebrating in various ways. From a recent Reporter, we learn:

“National Lutheran Schools Week is a chance for Lutheran schools to celebrate their special heritage and an opportunity to promote themselves to their communities,” Bill Cochran, director of LCMS School Ministry, told Reporter.

So how is the Northern Illinois District of the Lutheran Church celebrating our special Lutheran heritage? Well, read on . . .

LUTHERAN SCHOOLS WEEK “PRAISE CELEBRATION”: This is A Lutheran Schools Week “Praise Celebration!” for K-8. An hour of Worship, PE and Music Education, all in one! Pastor Rich Rubietta engages the whole school in joyful worship, from head-to-toe. Both familiar and original, interactive songs, featuring Heroes & Heroines who inspire us to live our faith.

A complete Sound & Media system is provided. Rich has a Music Degree from Northwestern University and is on Tour with Illinois Arts Council. Contact Rich at: 888.811.4790 or [email protected].

“With energy and the Holy Spirit, Rich keeps his audience participating like no other performer can. It is a truly amazing experience!” Dr. John DeVries – Immanuel Lutheran School Elmhurst, IL

“…a rocking, Christ centered message, that keeps K-8 students engaged in sharing their faith!” Paul Trettin, Principal – Immanuel Lutheran School Elmhurst, IL

Nothing says Lutheran like an hour of worship, PE and music “all in one” am I right? Oh wait . . .

Well, I’m sure Pastor Rubietta can explain how all this celebrates our Lutheran heritage. Although he might have difficulty when you consider the fact that . . .

he’s not even Lutheran.

In fact, here’s a bit from his bio:

Northern Illinois Conference Evangelist
United Methodist Church

Pastor for 18 years in the Northern Illinois Conference of the United Methodist Church. Conference Evangelist since 1999, appointed to Abounding Ministries.

Graduate of Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois with a BA in Music. Graduate of Trinity Divinity School, Deerfield, IL with a Masters in Divinity.

Worship Leader, Composer and Producer who uses Guitar, Sequencer (keyboard) and acoustic instruments to lead worship.

Effectively introduced contemporary worship in three former parishes.

Perhaps the folks at the Northern Illinois District can explain why they think Pastor Rubietta is the most qualified or ideal person to lead Lutheran schoolchildren in a celebration of Lutheran Schools Week.

Because I have to be honest — I’m not quite understanding it.

UPDATE: While this program is being offered in the Northern Illinois District, and some NID educators are under the impression this was recommended by the NID, it might just be the offering of a single congregational school. I’ll update or clarify further when I know more.

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