Where’s My Steadfast Quarterly?

This week we are printing and mailing out the Steadfast Quarterly. We had fallen two issues behind but now with this printing we are just one issue tardy. We should have that issue out before the end of March and then we will be back on track again. We apologize for the delay.

The issue being printed this week is a special issue responding to the 150th anniversary of the publishing of Darwin’s Origin of Species. We have a dynamite list of authors who specialize in the doctrine of creation including  Dr. David Menton (formerly with Washington University – St. Louis and now at the Creation Museum in Kentucky), Dr. Robert Weise, (holds the chair of Life Sciences at Concordia – St. Louis) and our own Dr. Fritz Baue whose recent book on creation was published by Blue Pomegranate Press (more on that in posts to come).

Due to unforeseen circumstances it took us extra time to secure all of these articles which led to the later date of publishing. Again, we apologize and hope you get your Journal soon.   Please e-mail us if you have any questions , (Use the “Contact Us”  link on the bottom of the page.)

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