Good Stuff found on the Web — Kurt Marquart interview on Issues Etc on Evangelism

Several years ago I had the pleasure of being in the audience when the Rev Dr Kurt Marquart came to my church to preach and speak and was well edified by it. Because of my love for his knowledge and teaching, I happened to find the following interview of Pastor Marquart on Issues Etc (an oldie but great one from March, 2003) that is worth listening to — it was originally posted on; I found it by a posting on facebook by Brian Yamabe, who operates WittenbergMedia. This segment talks about Evangelism — what it is, what it is not, and how it is done. Even 7 years ago he is talking about many of the problems in the church today and how we are getting things wrong.


Just one very interesting point from about 13 minutes in:

Pastor Wilken’s question:

Is Matt 28:18-20 the most important passage in scripture regarding evangelism and as some might contend the most important part of scripture period?

Part of Pastor Marquart’s response:

No, I think the Modern Church suffers from a dose of feverish activism. Sometimes you find that for example in the impatience in the training of gospel creatures .. if the Gospel does everything, then the man proclaiming it has got to be prepared for it. It’s not a matter of sending him out with a few bare notions and .. somebody has well said that there is not in the New Testament that breathless hysteria that you find in much of today’s so-called evangelism propaganda.

When the Lord met the first disciples, he didn’t say “quickly, Matthew, get up, go, tell all your friends”. This is nonsense. It took three years to indoctrinate themselves and then he sent them away. Today we think that we can’t take the time to prepare preachers properly, but that’s irresponsible.

A few other segments thanks to Alex:

The Limits of Science: [podcast][/podcast]

The Life and Death of Dr Kurt Marquart: [podcast][/podcast]

See Alex’s comment below for others.

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Good Stuff found on the Web — Kurt Marquart interview on Issues Etc on Evangelism — 8 Comments

  1. Just listened to this interview with Pr./Prof. Marquart… thanks so much for posting it.
    If there are any more with him, please provide a link?

  2. I couldn’t find any more at Wittenberg Media but I did find 1 or 2 at There is The Limits of Science (in the second half of the hour), and one not by but about Rev. Marquart, The Life & Death of Dr. Kurt Marquart (in the first half of the hour).

    The archives at KFUO have a few more in wma format, The Athanasian Creed, The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification and Eastern Orthodoxy.

    Christopher Gillespie at posted some of his last lecture in m4a format, The Small Catechism and Confessions Introduction.

    There is also an article that he had written that is available at the Issues, Etc. Article Archive, Ecumenism: Facts and Illusions.

    There is of course books, papers, etc. that can be purchased at
    italic including The Church and Her Fellowship, Ministry and Governance, ‘Church Growth’ As Mission Paradigm: A Confessional Lutheran Assessment, The Two Realms (“Kingdoms”) in the Lutheran Confessions, Lutheran Polity in the American Context and a CD of Liturgy vs Evangelicalism.

    I’m sure there is more out there, but this is all I can find so far.

  3. Thanks, Alex!
    I have the first two and some other class material from CTS. I was not aware of the CD which sounds interesting, too.

  4. How could we forget “Anatomy of an Explosion”, on the Seminary/Seminex event. Published by CTSFW, and still available, I believe.

  5. I was 27 years old and oconsidering going to the Ft Wayne sem. I was cnfused and loking for some insight. I called Dr Marquart on the advice of a Pastor who knew him. My achilles heel was election and the paradox it presented to my human reason. Kurt invited me to his home along with my wife and spent several hours talking about the specific concerns I had. He did not have to spend the time, he did not have to concern himself with the confusion of a young guy he never met in his life. That was the kind of gift he was to the church and me. His wisdom lives on in his writings and is more valuable than ever. I still thank GOd for his gift of the PASTORAL advice he so freely gave. We continued to stay in contact off and on until his transmission to the Church Triumphant. What a great guy!

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