Excellent reading on Haiti

I know that our brothers and sisters in Haiti are in our thoughts and prayers. I wanted to commend for your reading this amazing article about a priest who runs an orphanage in Haiti. Based on my limited conversations with LCMS brethren who have visited Haiti in the past month, reporter Matt Labash absolutely nails the current scene down there. The article also has a powerful message about how we care for the dead and what that care means about how we view the living.


Excellent reading on Haiti — 5 Comments

  1. Molly,

    Wow, what an article! It really brings home to me not only the devastation the earthquake caused, but it reminds me of the horror that people in Haiti have faced daily for quite some time. It’s very encouraging, though, to know how far people like the priest in the article or Pr. Matt Harrison, et al will go to care for people suffering in such devastation.

    My prayer, too, is that our Lord will use such human caregiving to open doors whereby He will bring literally eternal life to those who are literally dying in Haiti.

  2. Forgive me, am I the only one who thinks the best thing to do is to get these folks off this island? You can’t possibly provide for the humans needs from the limited resources on that shaky rock. Maybe the most Christ like thing to do would be to help as many off these as possible off and into the mainland of Europe and the USA. Keeping them there would be like helping New Orleans rebuilt right back in the same hole….. whoops already doing that!

  3. Where are you going to put them?
    In New Madrid, which is way overdue for an earthquake about that size?
    The last one happened before we’d cluttered up the place with people.
    It changed the course of the Mississippi (leaving a string of oxbow lakes as evidence of where it used to be) and pretty well rocked the whole center of continental North America.
    Or would hurricanes be better? (We’ve been sending them back from attempts to get to Florida for about 30 years.) The whole East and South coasts get them.
    Then there’s California, earthquakes, fires, mud slides…

    1% of the population owns all the land and money in Haiti and the government is widely acknowledged as corrupt.

    [But have you read this morning’s US news?]

  4. I would put them in countries with an open capitalistic system that allows them to pay for and manage thier own cleanup! Folks who purposely live in flood plains, earth quake zones or hurricane paths must lie in the bed they made. I am talking of course of areas frequented by these events, like CA, SE coast and New Orleans not extremely infrequent areas such as the Mississippi valley. It is high time we hold people responsible for thier own choices. We have tornadoes and blizzards here in the Great Lakes area but we clean up our own messes, we even set aside tax money for these inevitable events. In the words of Sam Kinison, “these people don’t need food they need samsonite luggage and a passport. 🙂 “

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